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Looking at the finely detailed and imaginative picture-perfect cakes created by master baker Seth Greenberg, it might seem there is nothing he can not craft in his kitchen, but he sometimes has to say no.
“I don’t work with fondant,” Greenberg explained. “It’s easy to work with, but for me, the cake being delicious is the number one job. You can do things with [fondant icing] that you can’t do another way, but I’m not willing to sacrifice a great cake for a pretty photo.”
Greenberg’s insistence on using local ingredients, whenever possible, at Seth Greenberg’s Just Desserts bakery in Larchmont makes his storybook-come-to-life creations that much more impressive. He crafted a one-of-a-kind ski slope wedding cake, complete with ice skaters at the ski lodge, for a couple who met on a holiday in the mountains. A postcard-worthy Manhattan skyline cake celebrated a successful real estate career and a not-quite-to-scale replica of Giants Stadium took a bar mitzvah and birthday celebration to the big leagues.
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Greenberg assembled President Bill Clinton’s 50th birthday cake live on the Today Show. He recreated a special New York Times front page for Walter Cronkite. He once gave the maven of all things home and garden, Martha Stewart, baking tips on her television program.
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Greenberg crafted a one-of-a-kind ski slope wedding cake, complete with ice skaters at the ski lodge, for a couple who met on a holiday in the mountains. (Seth’s Just Desserts)
Most recently, Seth Greenberg’s Just Desserts was tapped to create the name-reveal cake for the NFL’s Washington Commanders, making Greenberg one of the first people outside the franchise to know the team’s new name.
“The secrecy was no joke,” Greenberg said of the experience. “We had to sign serious non-disclosure agreements. I even covered up sightline so customers couldn’t see what we were working on. “
He said the impressive-looking Washington Commanders team cake took about 14 hours to complete and required baking and layering several cakes with dark chocolate before eventually carving the whole cake into a giant W. The now iconic cake was then covered with dark chocolate and decorated with the highlight, the classified new team name and logo.
Greenberg’s love for baking is very much in his blood. He recounts happy childhood memories of stopping by to help at his father’s bakery on his way home from school when he was just 10 years old. William Greenberg Jr. Desserts was famed as the go-to place for special event cakes, classic cookies and brownies.
A postcard-worthy Manhattan skyline cake was structurally sound and delicious. (Seth Greenberg’s Just Desserts)
“I don’t think I was that much help, but I learned a lot,” he recalled.
In many ways, Greenberg models his current bakery after the Manhattan bakery he remembers from his youth. Seth’s Just Desserts is very much a traditional bakery with a flair for the avant-garde.
“We aren’t a cafe,” he said. “We don’t have seating. We don’t sell coffee. I don’t know anything about being a barista.”
Despite his fame, Greenberg says he isn’t much of a fan of the recent rash of television shows and internet memes that celebrate extreme cake decorating. He admits, when pressed, that this partially stems to his aversion to fondant in cake making.
“The cakes always look great,” he said, “But no one is ever talking about how great they taste and there’s probably a reason.”

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