Thursday, June 30th, 2022

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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has warned about the risk of trafficking in persons as well as sexual exploitation and abuse in Ukraine and the region as the number of vulnerable people fleeing the war continues to rise. Over three million people have fled Ukraine, including 162,000 third country nationals. Instances of sexual violence have already been reported and among the individuals promising onward transportation or services, there have been indications of potential exploitation. Women children and older persons “can be especially vulnerable to the risk of trafficking as they leave their homes unexpectedly and might have their usual family networks and financial security seriously disrupted,” IOM Director General António Vitorino said. 3 hours ago (14:13 GMT) Russia says any Putin-Zelenskyy meeting should be to seal deal Russia has said there are no obstacles to a meeting between President Vladimir Putin and Zelenskyy, but that such a meeting would only take place to seal a specific agreement. “There are no obstacles to the organisation of such a meeting with the understanding that it would not be just for its own sake; it would have to seal concrete agreements which are currently being worked out by the two delegations,” Lavrov told reporters. Ukraine dismissed Russian neutrality proposals, refused to surrender and vowed prosecution of “war crimes.” 3 hours ago (14:09 GMT) US Embassy in Kyiv says Russian forces shot people in Chernihiv bread line The US Embassy in Kyiv has claimed Russian forces shot and killed 10 people waiting in line for bread in the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv. The embassy did not cite what evidence it had of the attack in a statement posted on its official Twitter site and on its Facebook page.

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