Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Why Do Diets Fail? Popular Diet Myths Uncovered

Are you trying hard to squeeze yourself into a rigorous diet plan and still not getting results? Don’t worry; we know what you are going through. Diet plan fails are very common in the fitness journey of various people. This failure is attributed to a variety of reasons. And, if you search on the Internet, you will barely find a diet plan that can actually work. So what’s the solution? Can portion control training help you in getting fit? We will answer all of these questions in this article. First, let’s check out the most common reasons for a diet plan failure.

  • Forced diets: The biggest reason that diets fail is that people try to force themselves to eat less. This should be avoided because losing fat from the body isn’t the only target of weight loss. Rather, maintaining a good volume of fat, muscle mass and water should be the thing that you should concentrate on. If the diet is too restrictive, your body will demand these nutrients, and eventually, you will reach a state of starvation followed by binge eating.
  • Too much focus on calories: You should always remember that dieting is so much of a physical challenge. It’s related to the mind and hormones. If you focus too much on your calories, you are indirectly disturbing the hormonal balance of your body. This initiates a panic response that is very similar to a famine situation. The cravings gradually become unbearably and 99% of people fail within a week of starting.

How to lose weight without restrictions?

If you want to lose weight and get into a balanced and lean shape, you should change your strategy. Our best advice would be to join a portion control training program that can help you learn the fundamentals of hormonal and nutritional balance.

In our opinion 80Bites is a firm that is doing some great work in this field. They are a team of expert dieticians who are training thousands of individuals in managing ideal portions for their diet. Their concept of weight loss revolves around the theory of stomach stretching and hormonal balancing of the body. They have got an extensive training program that can take you through the initial stages of weight loss and get you to your target weight in the most balanced way possible.

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