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Where To Buy Silk Mark Sarees Online? How To Buy?

The pure silk saree is lightweight and comfortable, and silk sarees are perfect for every season. However, it is really hard to pick the pure and original silk sarees as there many stores that lower the quality to earn more profit on their sale. To protect buyers’ interest, silk mark certification helps buyers choose the original saree from the store. Buy silk mark sarees online to feel the natural appeal of silk on your skin.

What is silk?

Silkworms secret protein filaments, which prepare silk. The characteristics of pure silk are natural sheen, great drapes, and light weight. Silks can be of different types, including Tussar, Muga, Eri silk, and more.

Silk mark ensures the quality of silk sarees, and when a buyer purchases a silk mark saree, it means that the saree is made of natural and pure silk. There are a few ways to identify pure silk saree from artificial ones. Here are some of the methods:

Burning: natural silk burns, but it burns slowly or stops burning. Artificial ones burn continuously. The fumes of original silk have a burnt hair smell, but the artificial ones have a burnt paper smell.

Strength: silk threads are stronger than artificial silk.

Crease: pure silk instantly resolves crease, but artificial silks get crease faster and do not resolve the crease automatically.

If you are buying Silk Sarees Online in the USA, you must choose the authorized store that sells silk mark certified sarees only. It is a quality assurance mark that helps you buy natural silk, which is lightweight, has a natural shine, absorbs moisture, and more.

Different types of silk sarees:

The fame and popularity of silk sarees are unbeatable. Different types of silk sarees enrich the Indian ethnic attire collection. Here are some common names:

Assam silk sarees:

Assam silk sarees are very delicate and lightweight in nature. The complete silk sarees divide into three major parts – golden Muga, Eri silk, and white pat/paat. Traditional Assam silk sarees are hand-woven. Muga silk has a larger appeal, and every saree lover knows the name. Antheraeaassamensis silkworm secretes golden silk, and Muga silk is made of that type of silk. Eri silk saree is waved from the secretion of ailanthus silkmoth. Such silk has a rough texture and it is more known as poor man’s silk.

Assam pat/paat silk saree is produced from the secretion of Bombyx texture silkworms. Such sarees generally come in bright colors and are comfortable in texture.

While buying pure quality silk, you must check the silk mark that denotes the right, natural silk. Buy from only those stores that have silk mark saree collections. Aevum is a popular Indian silk saree store and offers only silk mark sarees to meet the buyers’ interest. You will find a huge collection that will surely take your fashion to the next level. Buy Silk Mark Sarees Online from their authorized store and explore other different collections.

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