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What you need to know before insuring your car

How does car insurance work?

Car insurance in a nutshell


civil liability insurance for damage to other people


to protect your car from any inconvenience


to protect your health and that of your passengers


with the optional guarantees that best suit your needs


for you who travel a lot or who drive little, who live in the city or in a quiet area


with the right guarantees and conditions for the way you use the car

It’s time to renew your car insurance: apart from the civil liability insurance, which is required by law, are you sure that your car insurance is complete ? That is, does it reflect the use you make of the vehicle, the risks you actually run, the needs you have? Sometimes you realize that it would have been better to put the glass or hail guarantee in the insurance when it is too late .

Before renewing your car insurance it is worth taking the time to evaluate your current policy and reconsider it in light of actual needs. The ‘ auto liability insurance (RC car) is mandatory and will protect itself, by car, cause injuries or damage to other people : your passengers and not. The RC auto, in fact, guarantees you the economic coverage to compensate the damages .

You can customize your auto insurance with optional warranties that extend insurance coverage beyond mandatory liability. Or you can insure the car by excluding that it can be driven by other people or by non-experts, i.e. by drivers with an age below a certain threshold (generally 26 years) and / or recently licensed. With these limitations you can get a more advantageous premium (policy price) , but it is essential that they are scrupulously respected otherwise, in the event of an accident, the insurance could ask you to reimburse the compensated damages (compensation).

So what can you put in car insurance ? What ancillary guarantees can you include in the insurance contract to keep you and your car safe? The third party liability insurance policy only covers damage caused to “third parties”: if you drive the car responsible for the accident you are not considered a “third party”, so you should subscribe to the driver’s accident guarantee . If you live in a big city or in an area at risk, the theft / robbery and fire guarantees are recommended . It can be useful to shelter the car from increasingly common violent weather events (such as hail and tornadoes) or from floods, landslides etc. with a guarantee against natural events. If you often drive on rough roads or roads littered with construction sites, with the glass guarantee you avoid spending out of your own pocket to repair or replace the windscreen damaged by stones. If you drive a lot of kilometers for work or because you love to travel, the roadside assistance and legal protection guarantees give you practical help in times of difficulty on the road or in the event of an accident.

How does car insurance work? The car policy has an annual duration (as a rule) and, upon expiration, tacit renewal is not valid , so you can decide whether to renew it or whether to request a quote for car insurance from other insurance companies. After evaluating the other offers, you can change insurance without canceling the old company. When the insurance contract expires, the insurance coverage still remains active for a certain number of days (usually 15).

How and where is car insurance paid ? Generally you can pay the premium in a single installment (it is the most convenient choice) or in two half-yearly installments . With some insurances it is possible to split the premium into a greater number of installments , even on a monthly basis. The payment methods depend on the agreements you make with the insurance company and the type of car insurance that stipulates. You can pay directly at the company’s counter or by direct debit from your current account or by bank transfer ; if you take out car insurance online you can pay by credit cardor with a digital payment service such as PayPal. In any case, the insurance is activated from midnight on the date indicated in the policy or, in any case, on the day of payment: therefore, be careful if you happen to pay late.

Is it possible to suspend car insurance ? Where and how is it done? The car insurance can be suspended, for example if you move abroad for a few months or if, in any case, for any reason the car will not be able to circulate for a certain period. Just send a request to your bonds insurance company in the manner provided: by registered letter with return receipt or email, using a standard form or not, etc. Remember that during the suspension period of the car insurance, the vehicle can neither circulate nor remain parked along the road or in public areas. Under what conditions and for how long it is possible to suspend the car insurance, it depends on your insurance company.

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