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What Type of Pillow Protector is Best

To increase the life of your pillow and make sure it still works as well as when you bought it; consider getting a pair of soft pillow protectors. The protectors which keep dust mites away from pillows are best. Also, it should be easy to wash and care for. Go for a pillow protector that offers an extra layer of protection against wear and tear for a few dollars. Allergy sufferers are especially encouraged to use pillow protectors on their bed pillows at all times.

Why you need to bring home pillow protectors?

Pillow protectors are made out of either silky or cotton fabric. They cover the entire surface of your pillow to prevent it from becoming dirty, stained or damaged. When used on an allergy sufferers’ pillow, these pillows will keep dust mites and other allergens away. They can prevent pillows from getting stained by accidents. Pillows stay in pristine condition.

What are pillow protectors made of? How do they prevent stains?

One of the best ways to keep pillows protected is by making them with a breathable fabric. It’s easy to spot when they become stained or smelly because it won’t be the color you selected anymore. Unfortunately, pillow protectors don’t always work and they can be expensive to replace.

What is the lifespan of a pillow protector?

A pillow protector typically lasts anywhere from 2-4 years. This lifespan is dependent on the material, care, and washing instruction, and how often you change your pillow case protectors. When a pillow protector starts to peel or feel worn out, it is time for a new one! Changing your pillow often will help ensure that you sleep comfortably. The National Sleep Foundation recommends this every 2 years, so we believe the pillow protector should not be used for more than that.

How to maintain your pillow protector

You can keep your pillows feeling fresh and new for longer by using the wash and dry machine-safe pillow protectors. The best thing about these accessories is that they are easy to use and come in so many patterns and colors. Protect your pillows from liquid spills and make up with a breathable cover. Pillow protectors are made of fabric that can help keep the pillow fresh and healthy for your family to enjoy.

Buying tips

Whether you sleep on your side or back, you know the importance of having a clean pillow every day. But if your pillow isn’t protected from stains and lint, it will show quickly. The best pillow protector is one that can be machine-washed. You’ll also need to make sure that you get a size for your shaped pillow.

Why you should use a pillow protector

Protect your pillow by investing in a quality pillow protector. Pillow protectors are an affordable investment that you can make on your own. To ensure that you get the best results possible with your protection, choose one that has been made with hypoallergenic materials so it doesn’t cause any problems for you or your sleep.

What should you consider when purchasing a pillow protector?

Find a pillow protector that fits your pillow from the start. Whether you are replacing a previously purchased protector or shopping for an entirely new one, our size chart has all the options that you need.

Sleepsia Pillow Protector

  • The silky, soft high-quality fiber that’s derived from the pulp of bamboo enhances your sleep and helps you fall in love with your Sleepsia pillow protector.
  • Our bamboo pillow is smooth, soft and will not irritate your skin. It also absorbs sweat that causes bacteria on your face to build up and prevents breakouts.
  • Our bamboo fiber pillow protector has small pores, so it’s breathable and let’s heat escape from the pillow. The pillow stays cool all night long.
  • These zippered pillow covers offer both style and comfort. This pillow cover has a zipper to prevent your pillow filling from coming out. You can also open up the zipper of the case and take out the pillows fill if needed.
  • This organic pillow protector is anti-allergen and biodegradable. It grows quickly, uses less water, doesn’t require pesticide treatments and may help protect your lungs.


Protectors are a helpful part of your bedroom. Not only do they guard against changes in pillow temperature, but they also help prevent dust mites, mold and other allergens from settling on the pillows.

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