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What Is Serology Testing? Description, Types & Purpose

Serology testing is a blood test that examines your blood for antibodies. A variety of laboratory procedures may be used. To diagnose various illness problems, different types of serology tests are employed. There are various diseases a person can carry and it might not affect the person but will make another person ill. Every country now takes every precaution to avoid such happenings.

There is one thing that all serology tests have in common. All of them are concerned with proteins produced by your immune system. This important bodily system keeps you healthy by removing foreign invaders that could cause illness. Regardless of which serology testing approach the laboratory use, the procedure for getting the test is the same. Serology Test Singapore is important when it comes to traveling to a new country because every country has its set procedure of traveling due to rising cases for Covid-19.

To understand serology tests and why they are important, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the immune system. Antigens are chemicals that cause the immune system to react. They are frequently too small for the human eye to see. They can enter the human body without any trace. The bacteria\fungi\viruses\parasites can enter your body and spread diseases.

Antibodies are produced by the immune system to defend against antigens. Antibodies are particles that bind to antigens and render them inactive. Your doctor can detect the type of antibodies and antigens in your blood sample, as well as the type of infection you have, by testing your blood.

When the body misidentifies healthy tissue as invading intruders, it creates superfluous antibodies. This is referred to as an autoimmune disease. Antibodies can be detected through serology testing, which can help your doctor diagnose an autoimmune condition. Traveling is not getting any easy and new upgraded disease making every country set new regulation on people traveling to their country.

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The main aim of SwabnGo is to provide you with immediate help with Serology testing to make your traveling easy and comfortable. Please provide an original copy of your NRIC/FIN as well as your passport when booking the test with SwabnGo. You can pay via PayLah! and PayNow via QR code/ UEN are preferred methods of payment. With a credit card, there may be a 5% credit card fee. At SwabnGo, they do not accept cash payments.

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