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What are the Review of X3 Bar?

You can’t build muscle by spending hours at the gym every week or paying monthly membership fees. You can exercise at home using your own equipment, but this can be expensive and you will need to dedicate several days per week to the actual workouts. The X3 Complete Gym claims it can build muscle in just 10 minutes per day. Is there a catch?

The X3 bar is the main component of the system. The 23.5-inch stainless steel bar has a hook design that holds the exercise bands and ball bearings. It can rotate freely to provide wrist comfort.

This bar is solid and well-constructed. This bar is not likely to crack or bend. It would be fine if you drove it over with a truck. However, I wouldn’t recommend testing this theory.

The ground plate is the largest part of the X3 system. It is a CNC-milled high-density polyethylene 19 x 10-inch plate, which has been specifically designed to be used for some exercises. You should use the board on a nonslip surface, not a hardwood floor.

The bottom of the ground plate has a large slot that allows for the exercise bands to be positioned under it while you are standing on it.

Let’s make some muscle with X3 bars + bands + ground plate!

The X3 bar ships 4 latex bands of different widths. This translates into different strengths and weights.

  1. Extra-lightweight bands – 10-50 lbs, then doubled to 100 lbs
  2. The lightweight band – 25 to80 lbs, then doubled above 160 lbs
  3. The middleweight range is 50 to 120 lbs. This was then increased by doubling over 240 lbs.
  4. The heavyweight range – 60 to 150 lbs, then increased by more than 300 lbs

Two different workouts are available in the X3 program each week. The Monday and Thursday workouts are done, while the Tuesday and Friday workouts are done. Each workout has only 4 exercises, and each set only requires one exercise. This doesn’t sound like a workout that will build muscles, right? Trust me when I tell you that this will make you sweat. Each exercise must be done until you are exhausted. This means that you must do as many reps as possible until you are unable to do the next one. It’s that simple. However, it can be difficult if you aren’t as strong as me. I had some problems with a few exercises.

You can do the exercises with the band looped around the ground plate or the X3 bars review, either by hooking it in the bar hooks. The image shows me doing a chest press using a band wrapped around my shoulders. This is my favorite X3 exercise. It’s simple to position yourself, but the band can sometimes separate around your back. A clip that kept the band correctly stacked and doubled would be great.


The squat is my main X3 problem. You’re supposed to place the band under your ground plate and through your bar, as shown above. Then, rest the bar across your arms, in front of your shoulders/pectoral muscle. My chest is not even there. I am completely flat, just like a 12-year-old boy. The bar isn’t balanced across my chest so it’s difficult to hold the bar. Watch Dr. Jaquish do the exercise.

This type of equipment is effective for training

Variable resistance and stabilizing muscle firing are the key ingredients of the X3 exercises. This means that the tension in the muscle doesn’t stay constant and places less stress on the joints where it’s weakest and more stress where it is strongest. Dr. J claims that this exercise will increase the production of human growth hormone, which can have many health benefits including the ability to help your muscles grow.

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