Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Useful Tips For Your First Caravan Trip

Caravanning is always an exciting adventure, full of fun and relaxing times. But for first time caravanners, it can be a daunting experience. The best caravanners are the ones who are prepared for anything, therefore the key is in knowing what to prepare. From packing anti-flap kits to knowing when to hit the road, here is a list of 8 useful tips you need to know for your first caravan trip. Follow these handy tips and you’re sure to have an amazing trip. 

1. Head off early

There are several benefits to departing for your caravan adventure early. The main one being beating the traffic. If this is your first trip, it’s handy for you to know that traffic can cause major delays for your caravanning itinerary and that’s why sleeping early the night before and waking early on the day of departure is crucial if you want to stay on schedule. 

Not only will you be beating the traffic, you’ll also be arriving at your campsite quicker, giving you more time to set up and really enjoy your caravan trip. Take a look at some caravan road rules and driving tips from the Caravan Industry Association here.

2. Check your lights 

There’s nothing worse than being on the road or in the middle of a remote area with a broken light, especially on your vehicle. You don’t want to be that person who isn’t indicating or doesn’t have headlights causing danger on the road. Prepare your vehicle for its first caravan trip by purchasing high quality, LED external lights. Browse Supex’s extensive range of lights here. 

3. Bring a water filter

In remote areas it can be especially difficult to find clean drinking water. The solution to this problem is bringing your own filter. Each year, campers find themselves stuck with less than satisfactory drinking water. Bringing plastic bottles of drinking water on your trip can take up a lot of space and is unhealthy for campsite environments, it’s better to opt for large, reusable, plastic water containers. 

4. Install Awnings

Protect yourself from the wind by installing strong, weather resistant awnings on your caravan. Don’t let cold winds interrupt your camping trip and set up the perfect front porch with some caravan awnings.

Rain and winds can make it difficult to set up a sturdy shelter or campsite. Anti-flap kits are a great way to say goodbye to flimsy and blown away awnings. Supex stocks reliable, easy to set up anti-flap kits to satisfy all of your awning needs. 

5. Bring a GPS/Map

Bringing a GPS or Map should go without saying when taking a road trip. Though it’s important to remember that remote areas have fewer road signs and navigational tips the further you go. Remote areas may also be located in areas with low to no mobile coverage which makes it imperative that you have a GPS that is preset to navigate you towards your campsite and will work regardless of access to an internet network. 

If you’re serious about outdoor adventuring, it only makes sense for you to invest in high-quality gear. Set yourself up for an amazing first time caravan trip by heeding the expert advice from the Supex team and using equipment from Supex’s high quality range of caravan furniture and accessories. 

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