Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

Training for Answering the Doorbell

How many individuals have a problem with their dog rushing the door barking and behaving in a high-excitement condition every time the doorbell rings? As I previously indicated, this is the effect of the owner’s training. Is Positive Thigmotaxis still relevant? An unresolved canine pack leadership issue is the typical source of the issue. When the doorbell rings, the dog runs to the door to defend the home from visitors, thinking it is the king. To begin with, the dog must realize that it is not the alpha dog. This may be done by completing the Pack Leadership training. The next stage is to enlist the help of a few close friends to man the doorbell. The doorbell will ring, and they’ll come knocking. You’re not letting them in. Period. A simple ring of the bell would suffice. When the doorbell rings, let your dog alert you to the presence of an intruder. A knock on the howardtheatre video doorbell camera is something that should set him off. Give him a treat if he’s been a nice dog. When he barks only a few times and then stops, that’s the behavior you desire. Take a step back and go on with your day. Even if the dog continues to bark at the door, ignore it. He’ll stop barking and come to find you once he realizes that barking isn’t going to get him anywhere. Give him a treat if he doesn’t bark when he finds you.

Your pals should join you in doing this numerous times a day and in the same rhythm. After a while, the dog will become weary of pleading with you to quit behaving like a lunatic whenever the doorbell sounds.

The following phase is akin to training for aggressive behavior against strangers, which is also a kind of conditioning. Ring the doorbell, give the dog its reward, and put a leash on the dog when it comes to the door. Sit down and wait for your companion to enter the house and join you in another room. They can do anything they want, whether it’s watching TV or reading a book. Continue to remain in the same spot and do several actions such as “come,” “sit,” “down,” and “side” with the dog on a leash. Do the Magic Button procedure until you obtain a quiet dog if the dog won’t stop barking. Make sure to treat the dog if it behaves calmly and quietly approaching the stranger as the dog gains greater self-control in this setting. When working with a dog on the Meeting Strangers program, it helps if you’ve already worked with it. To get the prize, the dog must behave in a way that is considered appropriate. The more tranquil your home becomes as your dog learns to tolerate visitors without becoming agitated or violent, the better it will be for both you and your dog.

For more than three decades, I’ve worked in the dog carting industry, both as a manufacturer and a judge. Several breed clubs recognize me as a qualified dogcart judge. I’ve been working with animals for more than 30 years.

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