Sunday, June 26th, 2022

Top 5 Human Resources Training Courses

There are many HR generalist certification courses under Online HR certification courses in India. Here we have provided information about 5 Human Resources Training Courses, which are as follows –

  • HRCI Certification

HRCI has a curriculum for all levels if you want to build your knowledge base before taking the exam in the HR Certification Body. Under Certification course in HR, this course covers the topics that require your interest the most. Online classes for HR certification can be done easily in the HR training institute. If you are planning to take the exam for this course then its cost is 400-495$. The timing for this will be variable.

  • Human Resources Course by LinkedIn

If you don’t want to eat up some of your skills, this course is for you. This course strengthens your foundation under the Certification course in HR. Many topics are discussed in this course, role in technology career development, space training, etc. Under the HR generalist training program, let us tell you that if you want to make a career in this subject, then its fee is completely free.  Its time is one hour. This is a foundation course. The facility of online classes for HR certification is available here.

  • Certificate in Human Resource Management

This course is designed by York University for the students. It comes under HR certification courses. The objective of this course under Certification course in HR is to gain a sound understanding of concepts in HR to reach out to a network of professionals. This allows you to study your program while balancing both your professional and personal life. The cost of taking this course is $6,921. Its duration is 1 year 8 months (9 courses). It comes under HR certification courses with placement.

  • SHRM Certification Course

These courses focus on helping students who are both company and employees on the same page. It has an important place in HR certification courses. This course is known as certification course for HR professionals. In this course, students are taught how the knowledge gained in the courses can be applied in the workplace so that they can become part of their team by enhancing their company goals. The fee for this course is – $300-475.  Its timing is variable. Through these HR certification courses with placement under the HR generalist training program, you can do HR generalist certification courses very easily.

  • Diploma Course in Human Resources (Alison)

This is a free diploma course. This course is one of the 10 courses in HR which cover the main HR functions along with the role of the HR professional. Known as certification courses for HR professionals, this course will teach you how an employee interacts with the company and the decisions they can make for their company. The duration of this course is 8-10 hours. This is a very famous course under HR certification courses in Navi Mumbai.

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