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To optimize growing strawberries in coco coir, use our organic grow bags

Over the last few decades, the varied usages of coco coir or coir substrate and coco peat has been successfully applied by agronomists throughout the world, as the most energy-efficient and sustainable solution of optimal growing medium for fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

In this context, RIOCOCO, one of the most prominent producers of 100% organic coco coir products in Sri Lanka, helps by supplying such eco-friendly products across 47 countries in the world. Such biodegradable and optimally beneficial natural cultivation mediums consist of coir-made natural and reusable grow bags and grow planks or platforms, acting effectively for growing strawberries in coco coir

How RIOCOCO Proves Its Effectiveness In Providing Optimal Growth For Strawberries?

Strawberries typically need organically enriched and well-drained growing platform to have the optimal level of growth. They can be propagated both in conventional soil-based procedures and in any hydroponic planters or growers. In this context, RIOCOCO presents 100% organic and biodegradable mediums of super-washed coco coir plant grow bags and grow platforms for sustaining effective propagation mediums for generating the optimal growth of strawberries. 

Grow Platforms 

Strawberries can be cultivated in both soil-based and aquaculture methods, wherein the tank farming procedures can prove to be optimally productive. Herein, the agriculturists grow the strawberry plants in a specially formulated nutrient solution usually in climate-controlled grow-rooms, unlike soil. Plant growing planks or platforms is generally utilized to propagate strawberries in containers under this aquaculture method, unlike cultivating through plastic-wrapped grow bags. 

Herein, such RIOCOCO grow planks have been effectively applied by the tray agriculturists worldwide to grow their strawberries. In this process, the cultivators experienced and noticed that the strawberry plants have been propagating at an accelerated process through such grow platforms, therein bringing up uniformly allocated root structures with quicker growth of root system and more wholesome plants. Such a tank farming system supported by beneficial grow planks helps to develop a greater quantity of strawberry flowers with optimal harvest, and a mouthwatering taste and supply of fresh berries throughout any season of the year. 

In this process, specially chosen raw materials are mixed and solidified to create slabs or bricks as per the specific size of the container. Herein, after positioning the grow platforms and saturating them in the bucket, young saplings of the strawberry plants are seeded for cultivation, keeping an equal space in between the different grow planks acting as an effective coco coir organic propagating medium. 

Grow Bags

Besides, RIOCOCO also brings forth 100% organic grow bags as a highly functional medium for growing hydroponic strawberries. Using such biodegradable, super-washed nutrient-enriched coir grow bags can be suitably utilized for cultivating strawberries in indoor greenhouses and also in outdoor conditions. 

Such plant grow bags can be an effective organic medium to propagate strawberries in both traditional soil-centric methods and also in weather-controlled tank farming procedures. Similar to grow planks, the same fast-tracked roots and plant growth can be observed in the grow bags, with a higher number of strawberry blooms. Organic raw substances are blended and flattened as slabs for the specific grow bags dimensions to cultivate strawberries. Such slabs or blocks are covered in UV-fortified co-extruded bags, with customized options available as per the agronomists. 

Both the grow platforms and grow bags are blended with 100% organic coir natural mix and coir chips. This mixture comes with a 21% to 23% air-filled porosity level while having 6.5-7 L/Kg as water holding capacity. Besides, these recyclable coir blocks offer a pH of 5.5 to 6.5, hence they can be directly applied to the nutrient solutions holding the strawberry plants in a tank farming technique. 

Again, such grow bags functions as organic pesticides for the plants, as they possess unique anti-fungal attributes. With optimal water absorption qualities, the bags can easily generate the vital 30% oxygen to the root system. They also help to modulate the temperature inside the bags by releasing excess heat from the soil through their countless micro-pores.

Such OMRI (Materials Review Institute) certified grow bags; assure the cultivators that the product does not have any chemical constituents. They can also sustain perfect air-water balance and are low in salt-ion contents like the toxic boron and chlorine, so proves as the optimal choice for horticulturists. 

Final Verdict

Taking note of the vital privileges exhibited by the 100% organic effective crop growth mediums of grow planks and plant grow bags from RIOCOCO, it can be undeniable that such optimal solutions for growing strawberries in coco coir can prove to be the most effective plant propagations. 

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