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things to know before getting eyelash extensions

They are one of the most demanded treatments, but from their placement to their maintenance will depend not only their duration but also the health of your eyes.

They have seduced celebrities, royalty and ordinary people. Superpower is very simple: get lush eyelashes for several weeks, giving a well-deserved vacation to the mascara. After the  confinement, eyelash extensions were the most reserved treatment in beauty salon in Brisbane,  just proof of their success that basically boils down to: either you’ve tried them or you’ve ever considered wearing them.

We have become accustomed to seeing people with dense, dark and long, very long eyelashes, normalizing the drama of looks, in such a way that now mascaras with superpowers , growth serums or false eyelashes have been relegated to a background.

They last up to 3 weeks, they are not uncomfortable and they make eye makeup optional because the look will be dressed with lush lashes from the moment we wake up until we go to bed. However, there are contraindications, or rather prohibitions , when wearing eyelash extensions: no eyeliner, no application of mascara or use of oil-rich make-up removers, as explained by experts from Brisbane specializing in their application.

The hangover  from the glimpse of what is coming in the world of beauty, which is nothing more than the continued dominance of eyelashes , the bigger and more striking the better. The stylistically most affordable option of spider lashes seen on the red carpet is lash extensions, but in this quest for the even bigger one, you can run into health risks for your skin, eyes, and lashes.

Broadly speaking, Here are  the points out the main and most common risks:

The use of non-certified and harmful glues for the eye contour area.
The practice of unprofessional techniques and incorrect placement.
The use of make-up removers or mascara that add weight and residue.

The importance of glue in Eyelash Extension 

“The materials designed for long duration (false eyelashes) often have preservatives that are usually quite irritating to the eye”. Here is the point out the risk of going to non-specialized establishments in which there may not be strict control of either the glues or solvents that are also used for lash removal. 

Regarding the glue, glue must be medical grade or hypoallergenic: “It is preferable not to use glues that contain formaldehyde, since they can sometimes cause itching, irritation, redness and swelling of the eyelids” . 

The technique of eyelash extension  

When applying the glue and the eyelashes, all specialists, both medical and aesthetic, point out the importance of not applying the glue, and therefore the eyelash, directly on the skin. “If the placement of the extensions is very close to rubbing against the skin of the eyelid , it can cause perforation or chronic wounds, and as a consequence, the inability to blink (or to blink with pain),”. The amount of glue used is also a determining factor that can result in lumps, the lashes sticking together – even the upper ones sticking to the lower ones – or an increase in the weight of the eyelid.

The number of eyelashes, choosing between 2D, 3D, etc., will also influence the weight of the eyelid and the comfort of the client to carry out such necessary gestures as blinking, in addition to being a risk for the natural eyelashes that may end up expiring before the weight. “Excessively large eyelashes would mean that we are putting a lot of weight on the eyelid , and this could cause the muscle responsible for lifting the eyelid to lose strength and fall. 

And it is that when applying eyelash extensions, there is a protocol to follow, and if not, its consequences can lead to infections , fungi, styes, dry eyes, itching, inflammation and loss of eyelashes, in addition to the responsibility by the patient. “Hence the importance of the client taking special care, such as, for example, cleaning the eyelashes carefully and not pulling them , changing them from time to time and letting them rest”. 

Another quite common collateral damage if you do not go to specialized centers are infectious diseases such as conjunctivitis, in addition to lice: “If work tools are not sterilized, we can infect the client,” they point out from Sundara. 

Can it damage our eyelashes?

Although the reaction to eyelash extensions always depends on each case, technique and patient, one of our biggest fears when trying them is if they will lose their own eyelashes. “Anything that is done near the follicles can end up damaging them. If it is not done well, if the area in which you are working is not known, if there is mechanical damage repeated on the follicle…, you can lose your eyelashes in that area”.

DO NOT do this with lash extensions

In addition to the restrictions of the first hours after the application (from 24 to 48 hours), among which are, for example, not to wet them and not to use creams around the eyes, there are other practices that can be harmful to both health of our eyelashes and skin as for the beauty of these : cream shadows, eyeliners, or mascara should not be used , nor can the area be removed with make-up removers that contain oils. Finally, sleeping on your stomach or rubbing your eyes is also not allowed.

Are there cases in which they are not recommended?

 “If you have an eye infection, eye inflammation such as uveitis, if the patient has undergone operations around the eyes or has recent scars, if there are cysts or lumps in the eyelid , in case of watery eyes or hypersensitivity -both skin and eye-, if you have a stye, in cases of alopecia, if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, if you have cataracts, if you suffer from facial paralysis, claustrophobia, glaucoma, rhinitis, dry eye syndrome”. also points out that in cases of diabetes, the duration of the extensions can be much shorter .

And the list goes on with patients with skin diseases , abrasions, xanthelasma, dermatitis , psoriasis , burns or cuts, or with any disease, syndrome or disorder that causes involuntary movements or twitching of the eyes, plus, of course, whether they have very weak lashes that would not support the weight of the extension. Blepharitis, contact dermatitis, conjunctivitis or infections in the eye area close the list.

Showing off your lashes and forgetting to put on makeup is seductive , “with great power comes great responsibility”, which in this situation would mean choosing the place where you apply your eyelash extensions wisely , always do so when we comply with the health standards for it and commit to taking care of them following all the instructions of the specialists.

With a little more time and more natural results, eyelash serums manage to enhance, above all, the length and thickness of natural eyelashes, their only handicap is that their result is not immediate. At a time when we demand instant perfection , partly supported by Instagram filters or injectables that can reshape a nose without the need for surgery; just considering having to wait months for a treatment to show results may not convince everyone.

However, eyelash serums not only stimulate eyelash growth with a much more natural result, but also strengthen the hair, reducing its fall and making it much more resistant. While many of these treatments use castor oil to condition the hair,some does not use the aforementioned oil but does achieve very striking results, without losing sight of its naturalness. The secret ingredient is patience and methodically applying the treatment every night at the level of the eyelashes, as an eyeliner. In three months of eyelash serum, the eyelashes are strengthened and their length grows.  Get the best eyelash extension in Brisbane, and make yourself more beautiful. 

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