Sunday, June 26th, 2022

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A Wave Is A Smile
Go ahead and wave at your neighbors, even if they don’t wave back, several people recommended.

“I say wave,” a Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Patch reader wrote. “Let everyone know you care a little bit that you’re part of the community. It’s a simple gesture that can put a smile on the face of your neighbor that may need a pick me up.”

A Concord Patch reader wrote that waves are “sort of like smiles” — they’re free, and can mean the world to people on the receiving end.

“I wave if neighbors are out in their yards, and sometimes just as a friendly gesture in case they are looking out their windows or too ill to be outside,” she wrote.

A Monroe, Connecticut, Patch reader waves at everyone, even strangers.

“I always wave — to people walking by, driving by, waiting at a stop sign. My daughter will always ask, ‘Who is that?’ and my answer is usually, ‘I have no idea,’ ” she wrote. “But I learned a very long time ago that a wave and a smile might be the only good thing that happens to a person that day. It costs nothing and takes a split second.”

“I always wave,” a Milford, Connecticut, Patch reader wrote. “I may be one of the only people who smiled at them that day. Maybe my wave was the spark of hope they need to keep trying in this cruel world.”

Another Milford Patch reader added, “There is an elderly gentleman that walks his dog every morning when I’m leaving for work, and I always give him a wave. He seems like he waits for it.”

“I am never sure who I know and who I don’t know, so I wave to everyone,” a Doylestown Patch reader wrote. “Makes me feel better even if they think I’m crazy.”

A Newtown, Pennsylvania, Patch reader has different waves for different situations.

“I always wave!” he wrote. “Different degrees of a full wave on whether or not I know them. Smaller three finger wave in the car or passing by someone, full hand wave for someone I know more.”

A Peabody, Massachusetts, Patch reader waves if he’s driving, but “if I’m walking, I’ll do the ‘smile and nod.'”

It Depends, Though
For some, waving is conditional.

“I usually wave, but if it’s early morning and I haven’t had my coffee, I hide,” a Sachem, New York, Patch reader wrote, adding, “lol.”

“Depends on the time of day (and the neighbor),” a Point Pleasant, New Jersey, Patch reader wrote.

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