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The Reasons Smokers Are Twice More Likely to Become Impotent

The Reasons Smokers Are Twice More Likely to Become Impotent

Smoking cigarettes can have a variety of adverse effects, such as an increased risk of developing heart disease. However, smokers are two times more likely to suffer from ED or impotence signs. In reality smoking more cigarettes, a smokes, the more likely it is that he’ll be impotent as he grows older.

What causes smoking to cause ED Signs and symptoms

It is a fact that smoking causes a reduction in blood vessels, which results in blockages to the arteries. If the penis of a man is not receiving enough blood and passing through it the male may not be able to get or keep an intimate erection. Cenforce 200 medicine is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Smoking cigarettes is among the main causes of infertility. Studies have shown that smoking cigarettes may increase the risk for men of developing erectile dysfunction among men who are between the ages of 30 and 50 by 50.

Considerable Damage Is Done To Smokers

Smoking does not only affect the ability of a man to get an erection, but it’s in turn responsible for reducing the sperm count of a man as well as lessening a man’s desire for sex.

Other Factors that Contribute to the ED

There are many other factors in the lifestyle that cause men to be more likely to experience infertility. Obesity and inactivity regularly can cause sexual dysfunction. Nicotine in cigarettes causes an obstruction to the blood vessels. When this happens then the chemical release that occurs when a person has stimulated not enough signals that allow the penis to loosen. Instead, there is a restriction of blood flow through the genital region.

How Nicotine interferes with blood flow

If nicotine is absorbed by arteries, it hinders the ability to keep blood flowing to the penile tissues and this makes it more difficult for males to maintain an erection during sexual intimacy.

How to Stop Impotence

The best method to prevent it is to never smoke or quit smoking immediately. Three ways to minimize your chances of having sexual dysfunction are:

  1. Quitting smoking
  2. Talking to a doctor regarding the issue
  3. Talking to a therapist, or taking part in an online support group

If the three strategies are not effective in stopping the habit of smoking in a man, the next step is applying the preventive ED treatment when men reach 30 years old, or the first symptoms begin to manifest.

While impotence isn’t a life-threatening medical issue, it could affect overall health and the quality of life for both men and his spouse.

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