Monday, May 23rd, 2022

The 7 things to do at home before leaving for the holidays

After months of hard work, the time has come for the longed-for holidays. A few weeks of detachment and relaxation to regain energy and rest body and mind.

Leaving peacefully and avoiding inconveniences is necessary, for this reason, we offer you a small handbook to leave your home in order and find it as you greeted it.

Clean and unplug household appliances

Whether you are away for a few days or several weeks, it does not matter, the first action to take is to clean the appliances and disconnect them from the electricity. The fridge must be emptied and the freezer defrosted, to prevent the food from spoiling and filling the rooms of your home with bad smells.

Same thing for washing machines and dishwashers: empty them and keep them open for the entire duration of the holiday.

But why not disconnect the electricity throughout the house? The watchword is safety and the best thing to do is to turn off the power.

You do not know what can happen during your stay and the arrival of bad weather could cause significant damage to your system (even creating an internal fire in extreme cases).

Check water, gas, and electricity

We said it in the previous paragraph, but we repeat it: make a to-do list of things to “close”. For instance:

  • unplug all plugs and the TV antenna. Leaving them connected is dangerous and the risk of your system being damaged is too high, especially when you consider the increasing frequency of summer storms.
  • Turn off all light switches. This is a tip for safeguarding your wallet when you return. Having an astronomical bill delivered is not the best “welcome back” that can happen to you.
  • Turn off the gas. You may have heard it a thousand times, but it is the first rule for safeguarding your home. Check that you have closed the gas valve as the risks involved are high if you leak.
  • Close the water hose. In this case, the problem is twofold: a high bill on your return and the risk of flooding if the sink or shower becomes blocked. To stop the problem at its origin, we recommend that you close the water pipe directly.

Close the sink and bidet drains

We want to prevent insects from climbing up the pipes of our bathroom right? So the advice is to close the drains with the appropriate caps, perhaps after spraying a disinfectant product.

Attention: if, for example, your sink has a constant leak, you absolutely must not close it! As mentioned before, you risk creating an artificial lake in your house and ruining the whole floor.

Check the operation of the alarm system

Unfortunately, during the summer, the number of burglaries in homes increases significantly and the installation of an alarm system is the best solution to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Before leaving, check that it works properly both indoors and outdoors. This will discourage thieves who want to “come and find you” who, seeing the classic moving light or a device placed outdoors, will be less enticed to enter.

Leave the keys with neighbors you trust

If you are afraid of losing your keys during your vacation, you can leave them with a neighbor you trust or a relative who lives near you. Are the keys too important and you don’t trust them? Leave them your phone number so they can contact you in case of an emergency or problem.

Hide valuables in the house

You will hardly take gold necklaces and bracelets on vacation, which is why hiding them at home is the best way not to lose them. But be careful: inside the rooms, there are many places where you can hide precious goods, but they should not be forgotten! Choose a cave that is complicated to find, but not difficult to remember, or else you risk doing yourself harm.

Protect yourself with home insurance!

The solution to leave peacefully and leave your home in good hands is to take out a dedicated policy. always attentive to the needs and requirements of consumers, offers a Home and Family policy designed to protect not only your home but also your loved ones. The policy provides:

  • coverage against damage to the house and its contents;
  • compensation in the event of theft and robbery;
  • civil liability coverage for any damage caused to third parties;
  • help with legal fees in civil or criminal cases;
  • immediate assistance service (locksmith, plumber, electrician, carpenter) in case of need.

What if they are rented? No problem. With Verti you can protect yourself from damage that you could cause to other people and their property or to the house you have rented and you should compensate the homeowner.

Don’t have a home insurance policy number yet? Discover Verti’s offers now and start protecting your home and your savings.

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