Friday, December 9th, 2022

The 5 Types of Toxic People You Need to Avoid

For many reasons, it seems like it’s becoming harder and harder to find adequate people to be friends or to start a romantic relationship with.

At first sight, they look decent, sensible, and friendly. But suddenly, the same person we’ve agreed to invite into our lives due to their attractive personality turns into these toxic, energy-draining vampires.

How can a person transform so much, and how did we notice no hints? Indeed, that’s because they haven’t changed at all. Most of them remained the same – masterful manipulators with their superficial pleasantness.

Many of us can relate to the feeling of overwhelming oppression because of the relationship we still have with a toxic individual. So who are these human beings, and how can we recognize them to stop poisoning our lives? Keep reading to find out the five types of people to avoid or cut ties with.

Indeed, it’s not so tricky to instantly recognize a gossip lover, but we tend to be more irrational when it concerns our good old friend. If you’re that kind of person who does their best to keep a friendship and make it healthy, it’s natural to expect your friend to do the same in return.

It’s impossible to imagine that someone with whom you share all your secrets and plans and with whom you rarely have any quarrels can just go around gossiping about you. It seems mean and unfair. Yet, unfortunately, many people have this terrible habit.

A gossiper desires continuous attention, and they’ll do anything to get it, even if that means practically making up fables. They may truly care for you, yet that won’t stop them from telling someone else all about your little secrets. They can’t cease doing it even when their deeds are far worse than yours. You know what people say about that – “the pot calls the kettle black.”

If you have a fellow that reveals to you someone else’s secrets without even hesitating, they’re indeed sharing yours with the same ease. Decent people stop themselves from discussing anyone more than they should.

Still, you may think that breaking off all relations with them is not a good idea since they know much about you. What if they start reviling you? Well, this might not sound very pleasant, but chances are they already did.

Passive aggression means the passive expression of unfriendliness or hatred. It is not necessarily intentional, but that doesn’t make it less toxic and hurtful.

Some people cannot be straightforward about what they feel, but they’ll undoubtedly tell you if you confront them. This doesn’t relate to a passive-aggressive person. They use various ways and methods to confuse and manipulate you, and if you happen to attack them, they’ll just become defensive, find excuses or deny everything.

Besides, passive aggressors are highly hostile and are among the most toxic human beings to have around. They have a particular ability to make everything gloomy and cold. You can try your best to show them a more positive way; however, they have a way of turning that around.

In order to recognize a passive aggressor, try to find the hints in their body language. Think of a person who is visibly mad at you. When you ask them “What’s up,” they’ll immediately reply with “Nothing, I’m ok.” The same can happen with your mate. They say everything’s ok, yet they’re still moving away from you or sending confusing signs that’ll make your brain run in circles.

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