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Tattoo ink common effects

To place tattoo it is important and basic step to select best tattoo supplies. A part from that tattoo ink is a initial basic need of tattoos in the tattoo supplies. We will discuss the adverse effects of the ink and their solution which is must known. Tattoo ink is a basic industrial product, which contains one or more important pigments and other ingredients to make the ink possessive which is in the form of additives and solvents. Finished tattoo ink is not so good and it may also contain chemical and microbial impurities so it is not effective. A recent research about tattoo ink study found pathogenic bacteria in 10% of the tattoo ink that was studied later the ink which comes with tattoo supplies is bacterial infection free.

Chemical in the inks:

Mostly in ink it is found that the chemical impurities in tattoo ink for tattoo supplies are present which is PAH and primary aromatic amines (PAA) and metals it is harmful to some extent but not more harmful but these substances are not includes in the tattoo supplies so to which may also include heavy metals; that is, substances, which, based on the register data, may be harmful so therefor a tattooist prefer ink that is free of such substances. As from the limit tattoos involve a one-time dosage it means the ink is placed just once it is bot a colour which fades and need to again colour it is placed just one time, where soluble substances are considered to be distributed to the bloodstream and converted quickly, while poorly soluble substances and particles can be deposited in the skin due to insolubility. The permanent colour of tattoos which a tattooist placed on the skin to make tattoo successful, which is seen in the skin, is due to tissue deposits of pigment particles of the ink, which are especially famous, for decomposing in the tissues.

Critical effects of ink and their solution:

The tattoo ink for tattoos cannot be characterised toxicologically based on a single non harmful effect. Photochemical decomposition of pigment of ink for the purposes of tattooing result in new chemical decomposition products. The critical effects which and effect on the skin is by the ingredients in ink which comprise

  • potential risks
  • triggering allergy
  • cancer-causing effects
  • reproductive toxicological damages and
  • toxic health

effects of heavy metal these effects are due to heavy metal so always try to buy ink without heavy metals so a individual can avoid himself by these factors . This observation about risk is not exists , even for the most commonly used ingredients and contaminations in tattoo ink which is harmful. Therefore, the results are concluded and summarized that regardless of the fact that tattoo ink, according to given data which is written on the register, contains potentially dangerous substances which can effect human skin. So the traditional toxicological risk which can effect human body is in assessment of chemical substituent substances cannot currently be introduced as a general method for assessing the health risks of the body without there being a validation of the application of the methods with regard to tattoo ink but the conclusion and results shows that the ink which present in the tattoo supplies is free of all the harmful substances.


Regarding allergic problems which can appear on the skin of a person after the tattoo supply immediately or after some days it must also be noted that the allergen that triggers on the skin is the quite frequent allergic reactions to the red colour is a happen formed inside the skin over time as compared to the other colours. It shows that the basically it is not due to the ink and it means that the allergen itself is not present in the ink product which is concluded and cannot, therefore, currently be characterised, isolated, measured and excluded from ink.


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