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T-ara’s Hyomin dating

T-ara’s Hyomin and soccer player Hwang Ui Jo are reportedly in a relationship

According to an exclusive report by Sports Chosun, the T-ara member and Hwang Ui Jo are currently dating. It was reported the two have recently started dating this past November from being friends.

As Hwang Ui Jo is in France, the couple is in a long-distance relationship. However, they were able to spend some time together last month by traveling to Switzerland together.

T-ara’s Hyomin & footballer Hwang Ui Jo revealed to be dating; Both sides respond

With the new year, there comes another revelation in the form of the newest couple in town. According to an exclusive report by Sports Chosun, singer Hyomin from the girl group T-ara is dating football star Hwang Ui Jo. The same has been followed up with more information, including their recent trip, images and more that have been revealed to the public.

Based on the report, the two began dating in November of last year after being introduced to each other from an acquaintance. Starting out as friends, the two began dating soon and have been going strong for the last couple of months. The couple seems to be in a long distance relationship between South Korea and France.

Hyomin has been active with her solo activities as well as T-ara’s group activities. Meanwhile, Hwang Ui Jo is a professional football player. He is a part of South Korea’s national football team as well as a forward for Ligue 1 club Bordeaux which is a French based club.

The two were said to have recently been to a trip to Switzerland when the French Ligue took a 2 week break where they spent some quality time together.The footballer recently suffered a hamstring injury in October, 2021. The officials from both the involved parties have responded to the news and have confirmed the dating status of the two. They are said to be in the initial stages of their relationship and are still getting to know each other.

Hyomin, the 2nd generation Kpop idol of the band T-ara has confirmed her relationship with ace footballer, Hwang Ui-jo. News of their romance was confirmed over the New Year’s break, when the two were photographed around the streets of Switzerland, enjoying some personal time together.
Dispatch broke the news of this hush-hush romance and states that Hwang Ui-jo is smitten with his girlfriend. As the footballer got some time off from his practice sessions, the lovebirds headed out to the Swiss alps and toured famous attractions. Hwang Ui-jo even gave fans a glimpse of his dates with Hyomin.
Photos that have since been doing the rounds online see the two tugging their luggage as they arrived at a popular hotel in Basel.
A source close to the couple informed the portal, “Hyomin is older than Hwang by two years. However, their relationship is first and foremost, built on their close friendship. They’re both mature adults, so the dynamic for their relationship is to support and help each other whenever they can.”
Their relationship has also been confirmed by their labels. It was, however, mentioned that the couple is still in the early stages of their romance and are still getting to know each other.
Hyomin and Hwang reportedly bonded over the past months that were said to be “tough” for the footballer who suffered an ankle and hamstring injury, forcing him to spend two months, off the field. The two reportedly bonded and became each other’s support system through the difficult time.

Dispatch’ revealed T-ara’s Hyomin and soccer player Hwang Ui Jo’s dating pictures saying the couple has confirmed their relationship.

Following the exclusive report earlier, ‘Dispatch’ revealed Hyomin and Hwang Ui Jo’s dating pictures saying the couple has confirmed their relationship. French soccer league takes the last two weeks in December off. The couple spent this time together in Switzerland.

One acquaintance of the two confided, “Hwang Ui Jo and Hyomin are dating like good friends. As they are more mature, they respect each other’s boundaries and businesses.”

According to the report, Hyomin and Hwang Ui Jo have also confirmed their relationship. The couple said, “We’re in a stage where we are getting to know each other better with good feelings.”

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