Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Support decree bis: free car liability proposal for two months

Parliament is working on the amendments for the conversion of the Sostegni bis decree into law. And check the RC car-free for two months.

The Budget Commission of the Chamber is working on the Support Decree bis and among the amendments, there is also the proposal for free car liability for two months to compensate for vehicle stops during the 2020 lockdown.

Motor TPL free for two months: what the amendment provides

The Sostegni bis Decree, launched by the Government on May 20, 2021, is already in force and operational. But in the passage of the decree in Parliament, for conversion into law, it could undergo changes and present additions.

To intervene, parliamentarians can propose amendments which are then voted on for approval. Among these we find the proposal of free car liability for two months to compensate for the losses of families due to the non-use of vehicles, and related car insurance, due to the lockdown in spring 2020 and the restrictive measures that followed one another until 2021.

Measures that have limited or even eliminated the possibility of driving by car, nullifying the expense incurred for the car liability policy.

To tell the truth, during the first lockdown, several insurance companies like capital one have already allowed their policyholders to discount one month of free car liability on the first renewal, to compensate for the inconvenience suffered also in economic terms. Therefore the amendment in question moves along the lines of what has already been implemented by some companies, extending the benefit to all policyholders.

All other proposed amendments to the Sostegni bis Decree

But there is not only free car insurance. There are about 500 amendments to be discussed, and possibly approved between 21 June 2021 and 8 July.

Let’s see the most interesting ones:

  • free swabs to get the Green Pass;
  • exemption for children up to 6 years from the tampon to be able to leave but also to participate in ceremonies and banquets;
  • strengthening of psychological assistance both at school and for the weakest segments of the population, with the institution of the “psychologist bonus”;
  • 50% deduction of the costs incurred by couples for assisted procreation in the event of delays of more than 6 months in accessing the service;
  • creation of an ad hoc fund for widows and widowers due to Covid;
  • a check of up to 800 euros to those who do not have other forms of public contribution;
  • extension of the 110% Super bonus to 2023 and extension of the benefit to hotels;
  • deduction of 25% up to 25 thousand euros of expenses for weddings;
  • 300 euro voucher for registration in the swimming pool or gym;
  • discount for the purchase of works by young artists.


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