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Subway Surfers – The Most Attractive Game Today

Subway Surfers is a fun game with an endless-run genre. It is a simple but fun game, suitable for all ages and completely free.

Subway Surfers – Endless Run

Along with the development of science – technology, people’s material and spiritual life is increasingly enhanced. In addition to the demand for clothing and living, the entertainment needs of people also increase. And to meet this, countless online games have been born. Online games were born to help people relieve stress and fatigue after working time. Online games are also extremely rich and diverse . That’s why today the game market is also very developed and competitive, many games are introduced to everyone. This has inadvertently made it difficult for you to choose a game to play. Don’t worry, in this article, I will suggest good online games for PC, free to download as a game: Subway Surfers Game, League of Legends (LOL), Path of Exile, FIFA Online 4 (FO4), Fall Guys Game…

About Subway Surfers Game

– Game name: Subway Surfers

– Version: 2.31.0

– Size: 144MB

– Support: Android 4.1+

– Category: Arcade

– Install on: Google Play

– Free

– Released: Kiloo


Subway Surfers is a type of endless runner game like Temple Run, released by Kiloo Games (2012-2020) SYBO Games (present) on December 24, 2012. In 2017, Subway Surfers was the most downloaded game globally. Subway Surfers has received rave reviews from critics for the game’s engaging visuals and entertaining gameplay. But not appreciated because the game screen changes little and sometimes there is no sensitivity in the controls.

In Subway Surfers there are many characters with different looks. You can choose the character according to your preferences. Character appearance is designed to be youthful and mischievous, you have to use coins to unlock each character. In Particular, the characters all have their own costumes and accessories and also need coins to unlock the accessories.

Subway Surfers

Image in the game Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers Game Sound Graphics

Compared to the same time of the game, Subway Surfers shows the superiority of eye-catching 3D visual effects, realistic sound and vivid sound. The characters and costumes restore the bright, youthful and dynamic color design. The attraction of players lies in the attractive effects from the support tools, the screens that chase the features and the lively sound system whenever gold coins appear. The game’s soundtrack feels light but also dramatic. It is played throughout your gameplay. Music will help you reduce stress and play games more easily.


Subway Surfers Game Recommendation Configuration

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10

CPU: Intel or AMD multi-core processor

Graphics card: Intel / Nvidia / ATI, Onboard or discrete card

RAM: 8GB or higher

Hard Drive: SSD (or Fusion / Hybrid hard drive)

Connection bandwidth to access games, accounts and internal links.

Driver graphics are updated from Microsoft or vendor chipsets.

Because Subway Surfers is not available on the Microsoft Store from January 31, 2020, you can download the game through GameLoop or BlueStacks emulator, LDPlayer. On your phone, you just need to go directly to the Ch Play app to download it for free.


How To Play Game Subway Surfers?

For computers, Subway Surfers requires players to control their character with WASD or arrow keys to go up, down, left, right to overcome obstacles, collect items and reach the finish line safely. On your phone, you have to slide left, right, up, down to control your character to overcome challenges and reach the finish line. Subway Surfers players need to calculate exactly when and where to make their moves, but don’t waste too much time.

In the game, the player will transform into the character of a mischievous and destructive child, poking a crow and kicking a ball to break the glass of a building. And then the guard of the subway car gave chase to catch this vandal. The player’s task is to control the character to avoid hitting oncoming obstacles such as barriers, oncoming cars, truck wagons, tunnels, traffic poles… Players can collect items such as coins, big coins, magnets, police cars, balls, hearts, medical boxes, X2…  Hearts give players new lives, magnets help attract all coins on the track, police cars help drive farther and jump higher, and X2 doubles existing coins. Daily Challenge and Weekly Bonus are two events that offer various rewards throughout the game. There are various quests that are measured by the player’s level.

What is the game Subway Surfers?

Game Subway Surfers belongs to the genre of endless running game with fun colorful design, no need to create an account or log in to still play. What you need to do in this Subway Surfers game is to avoid the obstacles encountered on the track and collect as many items and coins as possible. Only the most skillful players can become the winner. So if you are looking for a light game to relieve stress then give it a try. Subway Surfers is a free app available on iPad, iPhone, and Android. However, this game still contains a lot of ads that require the player to watch the video.

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