Tuesday, December 6th, 2022

Pressure Treated Lumber; How it Has Evolved in the Last Decade

Pressure-treated lumber is a great material for building decks. This section talks about the benefits and drawbacks of using pressure treated boards in construction, as well as other popular decking materials such cedar wood or man-made products like composite panels

Pressure treated lumber

The science behind Pressure treated lumber is fascinating. Up until 2003, when it was phased out due to negative public perception of Copper Azo Compound (CCA) and Wolmanized Lumber; there were many different options available for homeowners looking at treating their properties with effective preservation methods like ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). CCA had been around since the 1920s while Wols made its debut in 1964 before being replaced by ACQ which provides an alternative cost-effective solution against decay or insect damage–just like how people can enjoy these products without worry about costly repairs later down the road!

ACQ is a great wood treatment for outdoor projects, but it has some serious drawbacks. ACQ will attack most metals and should be avoided when possible or else you risk corrosion that can affect your project’s structural integrity!

What are the two most important things to remember when selecting fasteners for your deck? Holding capacity and resistance to corrosion. Using the wrong type of nails can compromise safety, beauty or both! Metal against metal lugs will not work well with aluminum flashing that quickly dissolves in less than 6 months while regular steel screws may last 1-2 years before they too show signs of wear.

The MicroPro process is a new one, and with it comes some exciting features. One of these features can help you go back to using approved fasteners for your project-Osmose says that this treatment method makes their product better than ever before!

Micro Pro is an emerging type of Pressure treated lumber that has been developed in recent years by timber companies looking at ways they could develop more environmentally friendly methods without sacrificing performance benefits like stronger durability or superior corrosion resistance among others things. This means projects built around this material will not only look cleaner (due lack dirt particles) but also last much longer thanks largely due.

What are micronized copper wood preservatives?

Micronized copper wood preservatives are the latest generation of protection for your home. These hydrophilic particles have been processed in such a way that it is easy on both humans and nature, while providing excellent performance over time without harming either one!

The use of copper to treat and protect wood has been a crucial step in reducing fungi, termites or other pests that can cause devastating damage. The MicroPro brand was introduced more than 5 years ago with an innovative technology designed for effective protection against these destructive forces; it’s used extensively on decks construction projects worldwide!

What sets MicroPro apart from other types of treated wood on the market?

Copper is one of the most widely used materials in modern society, but it can also be a dangerous substance if not properly treated. In certain environments such as wood which are often found outdoors or around water sources with high acidity levels that have been previously damaged by pollution from vehicles for example those types then Micronized copper treatments -such as Micropro- become necessary because they offer better corrosion resistance than other alternatives while still being safe to use over long periods without having adverse reactions on nearby objects like furniture made out Styrofoam products.

Is MicroPro durable and long lasting?

Yes, MicroPro treated wood is more than just a pretty face. Experts in the field say it will last you longer and resists fungus decay better than untreated trees!

The Western Red Cedar is a popular choice for many who are looking to build or purchase their own home. It offers excellent weather resistance, durability and versatility in the construction of homes. It provides an unmatched beauty that can be accentuated by its natural heartwood color variations, knots and other imperfections which give it character. The Western Red Cedar’s wood can also be stained to achieve your desired look or left unfinished to age naturally over time. With so many positive qualities, this type of wood is surely one you want to consider when building your next project! For more information on our Western Red Ceder products call 877-637-1114 today!

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