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Penis Health and Testosterone deficiency


Penis Health – Are Testosterone deficiency the reason for poor erectile function?

Are you having issues with pecker perkiness? It’s easy to make fun of erectile issues however for those who are suffering from them, they’re not something to be laughed at. They can manifest in weak erections or anticlimactic highs, or complete disappearance of erectile function and cause serious harm to the physical and emotional health and the wellbeing of his partner. Additionally, erectile dysfunction could be a sign of a poor penis health condition or an underlying problem that must be recognized and treated.

One such condition is called androgen deficiency, which is characterized by low levels of testosterone, a male sex hormone. testosterone. There are numerous signs and causes of androgen deficiency and knowing what to look for will aid men in determining when to consider this condition a possibility.

Androgen Deficiency Symptoms

Male hormone levels are low and can lead to a range of symptoms. Sexual symptoms can include:

  • Reduced the sex drive
  • A reduced amount of ejaculate
  • Weak erections
  • The weak orgasms are not as strong.
  • These symptoms can be described as emotional.
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem

Physical signs that aren’t sexual can are:

  • Fatigue
  • Breast development
  • Hot flashes/sweating
  • Reduction in muscle mass
  • Decreased bone mass
  • Hair loss

A higher percentage of abdominal fat

Certain of these symptoms could lead to chronic health issues. The increase in abdominal fat, for instance, can be linked with Type 2 Diabetes. The loss of bone mass could lead to osteoporosis (brittle bone disease). Of course, sexual problems can result in a decline in the overall level of living.

The Causes

The most common causes of testosterone deficiency among males are:


Testicular issues that cause the production of testosterone to decrease (such as testes that are not descendant or issues related to cancer treatment)

The pituitary gland is a tumor (which affects hormonal production inside the gland which triggers the tests to produce testosterone)

– Consistent use of Cenforce 120 drugs like opioid painkillers or steroids

Major injuries, illnesses, or surgery


In general, people suffering from androgen deficiency can be treated using treatment with hormone therapy. Testosterone may be injectable, taken in pill form, or put on like a lotion gel, or patch for the skin.

If an issue with your pituitary glands is to blame the patient may be treated with an alternative treatment for the hormone that is produced by this gland.

When medications are the reason behind androgen deficiencies, patients can discuss with their physicians about changing the treatment regimen to treat whatever condition the medication is designed to treat.


Although a serious condition of deficiency hormones could need replacement treatment, those who have mild deficiencies might be able combat the issue naturally. These self-help strategies can increase testosterone levels

– Exercise. If a man has an active life, his body will respond to the lower demand for testosterone, which is why it doesn’t produce enough. If he’s active his bones and muscles require more testosterone. and you’ll get it! Strength-training and cardio exercises are essential. Be aware that overtraining can decrease testosterone levels, therefore it is recommended that men take breaks and be careful not to increase their workout intensity too rapidly.

– Sleep. Sleep deprivation, especially when it’s chronic is present, can cause the body’s hormones completely out of their normal. The male should be getting enough sleep in their testosterone management program.

Chill out. If you’re stressed, the body releases cortisol hormone, which can have a negative effect on testosterone levels. Controlling anxiety, stress depression, stress, and other emotionally draining situations will boost testosterone levels and overall well-being.

– Eat zinc. This mineral is crucial to maintaining the health of male hormones. The best sources of food include oysters, lean beef lamb, wheat germ, and spinach.

– Shed excess pounds. More weight equals more estrogen equals less testosterone. Consume a balanced diet in conjunction with exercise that boosts hormones and says goodbye to excess weight.

Enhancing the levels of male hormones can do wonders for the health of your penis and its functionality. Men may want to boost their regimens of care with an effective penis health cream (health experts suggest Man1 Man Oil). Check for alpha-lipoic acid, vitamin B5, and alpha-lipoic on the ingredients list. These nutrients can aid in protecting your penis’ cells. The best skin creams have natural moisturizers such as Shea butter, vitamin E and to give silky smooth skin.

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