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PBNs – Everything That You Should Need to Know

PBN stands for Private Blog Network, also known as a link network. It is a collection of websites that are linked to each other. Most websites are using this strategy to strengthen their backlinking profile, which is against the policies of Google. Google has taken strict action against the websites trying to get a higher rank by using this strategy. It has devaluated the ranking of these websites. Google has also penalized some websites due to the use of PBNs. SEO professionals have created different websites to link to other websites and get a higher rank in the search engines. It is against the policy of Google and other search engines. According to Google and other search engines, a website should get natural organic backlinks.

How Do PBNs work?

It is a fact that backlinks play a vital role in enhancing the ranking of a website in search engines. People are using the technique of private blog networks to create the best quality backlinks. They pass the authority of these websites to other websites by using the technique of private blog networks. If you create a backlink on another website, you will face many problems. First, you will have to contact the administrator to create a backlink. Secondly, you will have to face indexing issues. Thirdly, the administrator of the website has full control over your backlink. It means that he can remove this backlink at any time.

On the other hand, if you are using the technique of PBNs, you don’t need to face this kind of problem. You can easily create plenty of backlinks for your website. After creating these backlinks, you can easily index these backlinks. You have full control over these backlinks. It means that no one can remove these backlinks without your permission. Therefore, you can enjoy the highest-ranking of your website as long as you want. Most people have started to upload low-quality or plagiarized content on private blog networks. These kinds of PBN networks will not work for your website. Nowadays, some websites acquire the highest ranking in search engines by using this technique by sharing unique, original, and quality information on these websites. In other words, we can say that PBNs still work, but you will have to create a PBN network.

Myths and misconceptions about PBNs

Many myths and misconceptions about private blog networks are present in the SEO field. Your competitors might be outranking your website by using this technique. Therefore, you should know these myths and misconceptions if you want to outrank your competitors in the SERPs.

PBNs don’t work

SEO experts have given statements that private blog networks don’t work. According to them, Google’s algorithms are too smart, and they can easily detect these kinds of tricks and penalize the site. Large organizations’ websites enjoy the highest ranking in the SERPs because they have used this technique. They have used this technique wisely to get a higher rank in the search engines.

PBNs are garbage

This statement is a bit true, but not completely. The websites that are not sharing the best quality content come into garbage PBNs. On the other hand, most private blog network websites are just like normal ones and have quality content. The owners of these websites are sharing the best quality content. They are providing value to their viewers with the help of their content. When these kinds of PBNs provide backlinks to other websites, these websites will get a higher ranking in the search engines.

It is easy for the search engines to identify PBNs

As we have discussed earlier that if you are using PBNs blindly, it is easy for the search engines to identify them. On the other hand, if you use them wisely, search engines will never identify them. Most website owners try to use PBNs to get the link for their websites only. They use the same registration info, hosting, themes, etc. These kinds of links are easier to identify. On the other hand, if you have mixed the registration info, hosting name, and themes and provide backlinks to other websites, search engines will never identify your PBNs.

PBNs are unethical

According to Google, if you create manual links for your website, you violate Google’s policies, and Google will penalize your website. Almost all SEO professionals try to enhance the ranking of their client’s websites by creating manual backlinks. If PBNs are unethical, all the manual backlinking strategies are unethical. If you are creating backlinks for your client’s website by using the same strategy, you should explain its risks.


Now, most people will think that if there are many risks to this kind of backlinking strategy, why use this strategy to build backlinks? The answer to this question is that it also has benefits; you have to use the right methods to create quality backlinks. It is the best choice for websites struggling with ranking in the search engines. Private blog networks are also helpful for the websites to outrank their competitors by creating backlinks from the same niche websites. You can also utilize this technique to drive high-quality traffic to your website. It can also play a vital role in increasing the ranking of your website.

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