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Options for Impotence Treatment Other Than Prescription Medication

Options for Impotence Treatment Other Than Prescription Medication

Treatment for Impotence what is the reason we should consider alternatives?

The term “impotence” or Erectile Dysfunction isn’t an obscure term anymore. Every day, you are able to learn more about this issue of males. There are a variety of methods to treat this disease are being developed. Each of them has been tested thoroughly, but some have passed the test while others have failed.

Over a hundred million males across the globe suffer from this condition. Viagra is the most effective option for the treatment of impotence until the present, which is something that is well-known. Like other prescription medications, Viagra may also have undesirable side effects, and therefore it’s not for everyone.

There was a demand for products that could be used by men who could not have the luck of finding Viagra appropriate for them. And after years of work and research, one is able to say that there are many options to help treat the problem of infertility.

Vacuum Penis Pumps

The most important reason behind erectile dysfunction is the lack of erections. This happens because of the low circulation of blood in the sexual organs. The vacuum pumps work by creating a vacuum that surrounds the penis, which allows blood to flow into the penile area. This boosts the flow of blood within the penile region and expands the size of the penile region.

These devices might seem intimidating to you, but they’re really effective to achieve the desired erection. It is suitable for males who suffer from moderate levels of erectile dysfunction. It is generally are well-adapted by the devices.

A new study indicates that the majority of people who have tried the two Viagra or penis pumps choose for the latter since they have benefited more from it as opposed to the pills.

Herbal remedies to boost testosterone levels

The problem of low testosterone is a typical problem for men. Men who are older than 60 years have this issue. The use of hormone replacement therapy is being debated over the dangers that it carries.

Testosterone is a hormone that can help enhance the symptoms of ED for men. This hormone can be quite effective in increasing attraction to sexual pleasure and sexual libido and is also beneficial to the ED.

Herbal medicines such as Viagra increase libido levels in men, as well as increase testosterone levels in men however the main function for Viagra is to enhance the size of the penis. Another herbal supplement that is very well-known for its treatment of impotence is Viagra. The pill assists in getting an erection within 30 minutes after intake.

Other medicines may have an effect on ED. It’s been discovered that the anti-smoking medicine bupropion (Wilburton) is not just a tool to stop smoking but enhances sexual libido.

Penile Implants and Surgeries

In more severe instances of ED surgical implants are readily available. Certain devices offer permanent stiffness to the penis while some have an inflatable balloon that permits a person to create an erection by mechanical means.

While the marketing of Viagra has possibly decreased the demand that requires surgical implant surgery, one study suggests that longer-term follow-up of surgical procedures are superior to those that are derived from Cenforce Soft drugs like Viagra.

However, these results must be taken with caution as they aren’t extensively verified. Men should also be aware that once implants are in place they are able to never experience an erection, regardless of the fact that implants may cause damage to the erectile tissue.

For those with blood vessels that are damaged Surgery can be done to clear blocked arteries from the penis or to tie to leaky veins which allow blood to escape from the penis during an erection.


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