Wednesday, June 29th, 2022

Onlive Server’s Japan VPS Server is Remarkably Enhanced

Onlive Server has always been the go-to provider of VPS hosting services that are on par with the leading brands, but there was still something missing from their portfolio of products—a Japan VPS Server. This is no longer an issue, however, because Onlive Server just introduced its Japan VPS servers to the world. These new servers take the brand’s reputation up a notch because of their enhanced functionality and speed, and they’re sure to attract plenty of attention in the months to come as more people find out about them.

Better hardware

In addition to our best-in-class network, we’ve also added some of the most advanced servers available to run your website. Our new Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are completely isolated from one another, giving you full control over resources. Choose from a wide range of CPU Cores and RAM in various configurations to perfect for almost any server application: personal use, small business, or enterprise-grade hosting. Each server comes with its own IP addresses and full root access which makes it easy to install the software.

Improved network connectivity

One of Onlive Servers’ best features has always been fast network connectivity and 100% unmetered bandwidth. In fact, one of our customers told us that they were seeing speeds faster than their local ISP and decided to cancel their connection with them. As an added bonus, our network is provided by a Tier 1 service provider, so you can be sure it’ll stay reliable as we scale up to serve more users. Keep an eye out for some new plans we’re rolling out. We think you’ll like them.

Economical pricing

Prices on our network aren’t just cheap, they’re competitive. Our service has been designed to take advantage of our low-cost, high-capacity infrastructure and offer some of the best prices in town. No matter what your hosting needs are or what features you require, Onlive Server will always have a plan that fits your budget. You won’t be able to find better prices anywhere else! And if you do, we’ll match them. All you need to do is contact us with proof and we’ll give you an additional 10% off your first month. It’s that easy!

Money-back guarantee

After your first month, you can get a full refund if you’re not happy with your service. We will do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied with your experience on our servers, but if something does come up and you need to leave us, just let us know and we will give you a full refund for your first month of service. You can also upgrade or downgrade plans at any time without any fees. See our terms of service for more details about our money-back guarantee.

24/7 customer support

When you order a server, our skilled technicians will work with you to determine which service package is best for your needs. In addition, we offer custom servers that include multiple technologies and configurations at affordable prices. You can count on Onlive Server to get you started quickly and efficiently so that you can begin enjoying all of your time online, not troubleshooting your web or email hosting platform. You won’t find a more knowledgeable team of customer service representatives in any other company. We are available 24/7 and answer emails from Monday to Friday until 6 pm PST.


Onlive Server’s brand new virtual private server (VPS) platform based in Tokyo is remarkably enhanced. With features that are above and beyond your standard virtual private server, you can now benefit from an advanced level of security at an excellent price! The benefits of having a virtual private server include cutting costs and gaining more control over your website; however, many companies offer subpar performance when using their shared hosting services. Onlive Server’s new cloud hosting services give you faster response times, increased storage space, unrestricted bandwidth, and zero-downtime – things that rival dedicated servers without their high cost.

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