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Music Licensing In Advertising: Music Branding Advertising

Selecting the right music for your advertising campaign can seem like a daunting and a big task. Having the right song for your campaign can create a long-lasting impression for your brand, for many years to come. One can see the power of the right songs in different ads by checking the music of some successful brands in the market. When you are going to select a song for your brand, it is important to use licensed music.

Music Branding Advertising :

Before choosing the song for your commercial ad, make sure to consider:

  • The voice of your brand
  • Your target audience
  • Know the emotions being communicated by the visual
  • Think about vocals
  • Your track should be licensed

The last one is one of the primary things you should not avoid at all.

Why licensing is needed?

There are many online platforms, which allow you to use the best songs when it comes to advertising your brand in the market. But the main thing to know is that you must have total clearness about the music that you are going to use for commercials. You can use popular music in an ad, but only if you are having the license to use it. With no license, you will be putting your ad at risk as social media platforms can block it at any time. But the worst consequence you may deal with is the penalty for copyright infringement. This is why you need to get the license for a song you are interested in using for your ad.

Another scenario is that some artists and record labels do not allow the licensing of their music for advertising use. The major reason is that they are not interested in associating the title of any brand or product with their song as it can have a negative influence on their reputation. It is a rare case, as almost all record labels and artists release their rights to their songs for commercial ads.

Getting the copyright of music

There are generally 2 ways of buying the music rights of the songs. The first one is to contact directly the record label or artist, which has been in charge of recording the song. Secondly, you can contact the PROs (Performance Rights Organization) and it is the best option to consider depending on the country you live in.

Getting a master-user license is all you need. So, if you need any help, working with any music licensing company is the best option. Michael Welsh Productions offers music clearance and supervision that is used for advertising purposes only. Consider them as they are specialized in the field for more than 30 years.

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