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JYP rookies 1st album

NMIXX ‘AD MARE’: Release date, tracks, debut showcase, all about JYP rookies 1st album

The debut of JYP Entertainment’s NMIXX is one of the highly anticipated K-pop debuts and all credit goes to the label for hyping the group up so much, ahead of their official reveal. The label had released their limited edition ‘Blind Package’ without even revealing the members of NMIXX (previously JYPn) — a successful strategy.

JYP Entertainment, one of the ‘Big 3’ labels of K-pop, seemed to have nailed the rookie group launch, with NMIXX selling approximately 60,000 copies of ‘Blind Package’ in July of 2021, way ahead of the official debut. Now, as the group gears towards its debut, the group is facing multiple challenges like member Bae testing positive for Covid-19 that has, in turn, postponed their debut showcase as well as the alleged leaking of their debut title track, ‘O.O’. Despite these challenges, NMIXX is still heading towards its big debut with their first single album dropping on the same day.

The clip begins with the seven members of NMIXX performing a brief section of the new song’s choreography in the middle of a foggy, barren dry sea floor, as a damaged, abandoned ship looms over them ominously.

It then cuts to individual shots of the various members in what looks like a dystopian city, before Kyujin bursts through a door and seeming into a different dimension. ‘O.O’ is set to be released on February 22, and will be the title track of the group’s first single album ‘Ad Mare’.

‘Ad Mare’ will also include the B-side track ‘Tank’, along with instrumental versions of both songs. Notably, ‘O.O’ was composed and arranged by a roster of hitmakers from South Korean music production studio THE HUB, best known for working with MAMAMOO’s Wheein, ENHYPEN, Ha Sung-woon and more.

NMIXX, previously referred to as JYPn, was first announced last July when JYP Entertainment opened a pre-order for a “blind package” for the forthcoming group group. The package will feature NMIXX’s upcoming debut single on a limited-edition CD, a photo book, poster, premium membership card and more.

NMIXX will be the first K-pop girl group launched by JYP Entertainment since ITZY’s debut in 2019. The agency is also home to other popular idol groups such as TWICE, Stray Kids, as well as the bands Day6 and Xdinary Heroes, the latter of which had made their debut last December.

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