Saturday, May 28th, 2022

It’s possible you’re shifting into a new space career-wise

Recently I’ve felt somewhat stuck. I’m not entirely sure why, how, or where these feelings of confusion have came from, but they’re here. In a state of flux between two places I’m left uncertain as to where I am headed.

To say the least, I have a lot of questions, and not so many answers.

That’s what brings me to this post today. We can all feel like this sometimes. Like we’re oscillating between what we’ve known and where we’re going. Maybe awareness has brought to your attention that you’re not entirely happy in your relationship, or where it is right now. You might feel shifts in your friendship groups or feel isolated, unsure why that is. It’s possible you’re shifting into a new space career-wise requiring new, unfamiliar behave ours that are testing your knowledge on how you’ve always lived.–182168269/,52679155.html–182168269/

Either way, the middle is messy and can be difficult to navigate. That’s why I felt this article was important. How can we make this process easier for ourselves? What must we understand about this process as we move through this state of perpetual unknowing? I seek to answer these today and hope this article is a source of comfort for you.

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