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IT Support Technicians: Features of an Ideal Help Desk Software

Features to look for an Ideal Help Desk Software: Tips for an IT Support Technician

A good help desk software will provide a great customer experience and have an effective ticketing system. Here are the best options for your business’s help desk.

What is the best IT help desk support software for your customers?

Based on the kind of inquiries you receive, you can choose the best customer support software. You might benefit from a full-service solution, such as Zoho Desk or Freshdesk. If customers contact you via multiple channels. Choose a more targeted solution like Jira Service Desk or ManageEngine if you provide a specific type of support. A simple solution like Hiver or HappyFox may be a good option for those who are looking for easy-to-use or self-service features.

How does Microsoft IT help desk software work?

There is no standalone help desk software from Microsoft. But some options are included with or can be used with various Microsoft platforms. Within its suite of business applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers help desk functionality. Furthermore, Microsoft AppSource provides access to third-party apps such as HelpDesk and Help Desk Plus, which are hosted on Microsoft SharePoint.

Which features should I look for in an IT help desk software?

You need to consider how your business usually interacts with customers when choosing the best help desk software. Thus, it’s a good idea to review your current customer service processes and identify the features that are most important before getting started. Most businesses, however, tend to be concerned with certain functions and considerations. You may want to consider the following features in a help desk application.

Support for multiple channels:

What is the most common way that your customers contact you? Most IT helpdesk solutions provide support for email and phone if they are the primary methods of communication. Be sure that the tool you choose integrates social media. Live chat is a must if you want to provide quick answers to your customers. Many tools include these features and more.

Automating tasks:

Automating repetitive tasks and inquiries can save time. These may include tools such as chatbots that respond to common inquiries or the ability to set processes using custom workflows.

Using it should be easy:

You can improve customer satisfaction only if your IT  team knows how to use the help desk software. A free demo or trial is the best way to test this feature. Try to find a solution that has an intuitive interface and doesn’t incorporate complicated processes like coding.

Customized options:

Through app integration and customized processes, many IT help desk tools provide the ability to customize the experience. If you want to maximize your adaptability, search for options that integrate with your existing tools.

Functionality on-premises and in the cloud:

There are some helpdesk solutions available as cloud-based tools. Others are available for download and installation on-premises. Whether you need remote support depends on how you store your software and how you normally store it.

Self-service features:

It is beneficial for both the customer and your team if customers answer their own questions. Several helpdesk solutions allow you to create a knowledge base or other resources that users can consult to address FAQs or common issues.


Some IT help desk software options are available for free to small businesses. For the most part, however, they are billed monthly. Always keep in mind that you’re improving the quality of customer service. Nevertheless, choosing a tool with affordable monthly payments is important.

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