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Buddhism is among the most popular religions in Singapore and has 33.2 percent of Singaporeans proclaiming themselves to be Buddhists. The Buddhist doctrines emphasize the transcendence of self through the attainment of Nirvana which means stopping the cycle of rebirth and death. Buddhists believe that this is achievable by adhering to the religion’s traditions and beliefs, as well as the spiritual practices throughout their lives – including the event of death. When attending Buddhist Funeral Service the Buddhists must adhere to strict rules and customs, so that you hinder the loved ones’ and efforts to stop the cycle of Reincarnation.

Imagine that you’re invited to take part in the Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore. If this is the case it is important to ensure that you are aware of the funeral rituals and the appropriate etiquettes. If you’re unsure of what they are here are some tips to keep in mind prior to offering your condolences.

Buddhist funeral customs

Traditionally, the wake that is held for the deceased lasts up to five days. The wake provides the grieving party a chance to express their last wishes to the deceased and offer their condolences and sympathy for the families. Funeral guests can offer their tributes on the altar’s centerpiece in which a portrait in black and white of the deceased is set. People are typically required to light one joss stick to paying their reverence in front of the altar.

The funeral procession is led by an ordained monk who conducts the ceremony on the initial day and evening of the wake. Monks will chant a couple of Buddhist texts since it is believed that singing helps in getting rid of the dead’s negative karma, as well as eases their transition to the next life, or Nirvana. The funeral service will end with a funeral service on the morning of the funeral ceremony. The Buddhist Funeral Service is additionally scheduled that the family members to burn their offerings the night prior to the funeral, so be aware that you’re allergic to smoke.

Do’s and don’ts to avoid when attending funerals. Buddhist funeral

  • Dress code

Family members of the deceased usually wear white, while guests are required to wear black. Avoid bright colors, and opt for other neutral alternatives in the event that black isn’t an alternative. Jewelry that is adorned with wealth is also not acceptable, so stay clear of wearing jewelry during funerals.

  • Behavior

After you’ve arrived at the funeral, walk gently towards the church to offer tributes. As you approach the casket, it is traditional to gently bow fingers in front in the position of prayer. It is possible to take some time of contemplation If you would like. Then, you’ll be able to sit down and sit and wait for the service to begin.

If the monk is conducting the chanting ceremony take his direction as he instructs those present to stand. The sermons are followed by prayers along with collective meditation. It is possible to participate but if you’re uncomfortable you are advised to sit quietly until the ceremony is finished before speaking.

  • Donations

There is no obligation to make a donation at funerals. But the gesture is still appreciated by family members. You could also think about sending flowers or cards to the family, however, make sure you avoid bright colors.


It can be a very difficult period for families whenever the death of a loved one. If you’re invited to attend funerals, it usually indicates that the family regards the friendship you share with them. It is important to observe the appropriate manners and customs of funerals that are Buddhist funeral so that you show respect to the deceased and their family.

If you are interested in arranging a Buddhist funeral but aren’t aware of the proper ceremonies and proper protocol can call us by calling 8255 0301. We at Ang Brothers Funeral Services, provide a complete Buddhist funeral package as well as additional Buddhist Funeral Service. We are committed to providing assistance and guidance to ease the burden of the family members in this stressful time.

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