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Importance of Defensive Driving Courses in Calgary

Defensive driving refers to the act of a motorist intentionally reducing the risks connected with driving. By driving smoothly and steadily, defensive driving practices lower the probability of an accident or incident and can even save money on car maintenance and fuel usage.

Defensive driving courses in Calgary focus on being aware of potential dangers and other factors. Road users’ behaviors around you so you can take proactive steps to avoid an accident predict risks and allow yourself enough time to respond, look 15 seconds ahead.

 Always check your mirrors and look beyond the automobile in front of you to notice any potential hazards before its too late… Don’t put your faith in others to make excellent judgments. Allow plenty of time and space for yourself and other drivers. When following another car, this implies leaving a three-second space.

Don’t tailgate other vehicles since you won’t have the time or space to react to sudden changes, placing you and anyone around you in danger.

Several Collisions Can Be Avoided.

It is possible to escape several collisions. Consider the case of a vehicle colliding with the back of your automobile; this might have been prevented if you had allowed more space between you and the vehicle in front. You may have been able to shift forward or pull out of the path totally, avoiding the rushing automobile, using this defensive driving approach.

It’s also crucial to make drivers aware of their intentions by signaling early and effectively and avoiding lane changes until it is necessary.

Availability of Various Defensive Driving Courses

Many defensive driving classes are offered in Calgary, however the essential actions of this driving style may be unfamiliar to many drivers learned simply by acting more proactive and maintaining attention at all times, keeping oneself attentive and prepared to anticipate any problems.

Always be aware of your surroundings as well as other vehicles and road users. Generally, if there are more signs, painted road markings, or street lights, there is a greater hazard for you and others around you.

Tips for Safe Driving

Maintain a working knowledge of the law and the laws of the road;

  • If you’re exhausted or emotional, whether furious or unhappy, don’t drive. When following other cars, leave a three-second space;
  • Make sure other drivers are aware of your intentions by signaling early and loudly. Distracting factors such as cell phones, food, and alcohol should be avoided. Reduce the number of needless lane changes;
  • Make sure you leave plenty of time to travel and Adapt you’re driving to the circumstances of the road and the weather.


Driving Suggestions

Don’t Go Too Fast.

“Speed kills,” as the old public service commercial put it so plainly. According to studies, the probability of being in an accident increases by four to five percent for every mile per hour you travel. At greater speeds, the risk multiplies dramatically.

Distractions Should Be Avoided.

However, cell phones aren’t the only source of distraction. Eating, applying cosmetics, tinkering with technological gadgets, or socializing with passengers all have the potential to divert a driver’s attention in dangerous ways. The best piece of driving advice is to “keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.”

Please Fasten Your Seat Belt.

Seat belts are a lifesaver. When worn properly, they save you from being tossed around inside a crashing car or, even worse, thrown through the windshield and entirely out.

Everyone has heard horror stories about individuals dying in weird unusual incidents in which they might have survived if they hadn’t been wearing a seat belt. Even if these stories are accurate, they are outliers. Many of them are exaggerations or urban legends. If you’re wearing a seat belt, you have a better chance of surviving the vast majority of automobile accidents.

Inclement Weather Necessitates Extra Caution.

Highway drivers are especially vulnerable to bad weather.

Be extremely cautious if you’re driving in fog, heavy rain, a snowstorm, or on ice roads. Use all of the other suggestions offered here to their greatest potential: If necessary, go slower than the Follow the speed limit, allow plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you and be extra cautious at curves. If you’re driving in whether you’re unfamiliar with, consider outsourcing driving responsibilities to someone who is. Find a safe area to wait out the storm if the weather intensifies.

Do You Have A Certificate For Defensive Driving?

It is a type of driver instruction that goes beyond mastering the laws of the road and the fundamental mechanics of driving. Its purpose is to reduce the likelihood of an accident by foreseeing dangerous events, regardless of whether or not other people’s mistakes are involved.

Certificate of Defensive Driving Courses in Calgary

Once all of the training and documentation requirements have been met, an employee’s defensive driving certification is valid. For more than four years, the certification is valid.


Can Any Person Take Driving Lessons In Their Car?

Yes, technically. They are free to use their own car for lessons and even the practical driving test as long as it meets the requirements. However, for these three primary reasons, it may not be the safest alternative, especially at first.

Requirements about Defensive Driving Courses in Calgary

It is the duty of your teacher to ensure that their vehicle is in proper functioning order. free of flaws, and satisfies all of the standards and regulations for a learner vehicle. They’ll make sure that the oil, water, and gasoline levels are maintained at all times, as well as that the pedals, seatbelts, airbags, and car controls all work properly so that your driving abilities aren’t harmed.

Signage That Is Easy To Read

When you go on the road, you may encounter other drivers who look impatient and, unfortunately, take their frustrations out on you by honking their horns or overtaking you. If you were driving in your own car, the likelihood of encountering these circumstances would increase since other drivers would be unaware that you are a vulnerable learner who is new to the roads.

This would put undue strain on your driving skills, potentially diverting your attention away from the more crucial tasks at hand. This is when studying in the automobile of your teacher will come in helpful. With the automobile clearly labeled at all times, other road users will be aware that you are learning to drive, and their tolerance with you will grow, since, let’s face it, learning to drive isn’t easy.


Defensive driving courses in Calgary’s main focus is on teaching people how to drive to the current driving test standard. Our major objective when it comes to driving is to provide high-quality teaching to everyone interested in taking a driving course. All of our instructors are highly qualified, with many of them having had their initial training from us to become Approved Driving Instructors.

We’ve created organized driving courses to assist you to achieve your objective, whether it’s as a driver or a teacher, based on our years of driver training expertise and a professional approach. If you decide to learn with Lanes in defensive driving courses in Calgary, you can be certain that we will do all possible to ensure that you pass your test and become a lifelong safe driver.

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