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Huawei H13-611_V4.5 study guides

Valid and Latest Huawei H13-611_V4.5 study guides

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Latest Huawei H13-611_V4.5 study guides

Our Huawei H13-611_V4.5 study guides are including all the questions which the exam required. So the materials will be able to help you to pass the exam.More and more people choose Huawei H13-611_V4.5 exam. Because of its popularity, you can use the Certqueen Huawei H13-611_V4.5 study guides to pass the exam. This is a practice test website. It is available on the Internet with the exam questions and answers, as we all know, Certqueen is the professional website which provide Huawei H13-611_V4.5 study guides.

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Engineer C maps the storage to the file server for storing various files of the enterprise. One day, the file system was attacked by a virus and the file could not be opened normally. In order to allow the files to be accessed normally, storage engineer C performs a snapshot rollback operation. Which of the following descriptions is wrong?
A. Snapshot rollback can quickly restore data
B. Snapshot rollback may cause some data loss
C. During the snapshot rollback process, if data is written to the source LUN, perform the write source LUN operation first, and then perform the rollback operation
D. When there is no host to read or write, the data in the snapshot is rolled back to the source volume in turn
Answer: C

Which of the following statements about the evolution of storage network architecture is correct?
A. Users first generated storage requirements due to the increase in data volume, which resulted in the earliest and simplest storage architecture SAN
B. SAN provides file storage, and its emergence solves the inconvenience of file sharing in the DAS architecture
C. Compared with DAS architecture, NAS architecture can better provide file sharing services
D. Distributed storage appeared at the same time as DAS, providing better scalability for DAS architecture
Answer: C

A bank newly purchased a full-flash storage device (such as Huawei Ocean Stor full-flash memory), and the engineer initialized the device. Which of the following operations is correct?
A. When logging in to Device Manager, use port number 8088
B. When creating a LUN, configure the LUN as a Thick LUN
C. It is required to tolerate 2 data CHUNK failures, and configure the RAID strategy to RAID 5
D. When creating hosts in batches, create 600 hosts at once
Answer: A

A hospital needs to archive a large number of patient cases and examination results generated every day, but storage resources are limited. Under the premise of not occupying transmission bandwidth, which deduplication method is the best to choose?
A. Source deduplication
B. Target deduplication
C. Online deduplication
D. Post-processing deduplication
Answer: A

Which of the following are the business models of cloud computing? (Multiple choice)
A. IaaS
B. PaaS
C. SaaS
D. MaaS
Answer: ABC

Valid Certqueen H13-611_V4.5 Exam

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