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How Vitamin D Affects Penis Well Being

How Vitamin D Affects Penis Well Being

Also known as the sun. Vitamin D is rarely found in foods and is not found in large amounts. Vitamin D is an essential hormone to the body’s well-being and overall health.

Different forms that contain Vitamin D which are gained from food sources, such as Vitamins D2 as well as D3 become active forms when exposed by UV-B light that comes from sunlight. Insufficient exposure to sunlight, regularly eating food low in minerals and vitamins or wearing (if the climate requires it) high-factor sunblock every day could cause Vitamin D insufficient. Research suggests that a deficit in Vitamin D may be one of the main causes for male infertility and sexual dysfunction.

Vitamin D and Testosterone

Based on research from research conducted by the Medical University of Graz, Austria, Vitamin D increases testosterone levels in males. In the study that included 160 overweight men, they were administered Vitamin D for 12-months in an effort to determine the effects of this nutritional supplement on their testosterone levels. After the double-blind placebo-controlled study those who received 332 IU in Vitamin D daily had significantly higher testosterone levels than those who were given placebo. With the increase in testosterone levels the men will experience increased energy vitality, vitality, libido as well as sexual performance. The supplementation of the body with synthetic testosterone could be dangerous and expensive. Natural supplements, like Vitamin D which increase testosterone production are suitable for the majority of males seeking to maintain a healthy hormonal balance. Cenforce 120 medicine is used for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Secret Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence and erectile dysfunction are complex conditions that have many possibilities of causes: psychological, hormonal, and physical. When compared to other methods treatments, Vitamin D is one of the few vitamins that treat each of these causes. Vitamin D has an extraordinary influence on the production the chemical nitric oxide (NO) which is which is a chemical that causes the dilation and expansion of blood vessels within the penis. Research on animals has shown that Vitamin D-deficient animals produce only half the normal amount of NO, compared to animals who have healthy Vitamin D levels. Researchers at the Sunlight Institute, USA have discovered that Vitamin D can be effective in treating erectile dysfunction that is associated with cardiovascular conditions, like hypertension and high cholesterol as well as heart attacks and strokes. Vitamin D has been proven to be a strong protectant for the cardiovascular system including the penis in addition to supplementing Vitamin D is found to decrease the chance of dying from heart disease by 61%..

The SAD Winter Blues

It’s not easy to feel the “get up and go” feeling when you’re feeling down. Men who suffer from depression are an extremely common reason for low libido and Erectile dysfunction. Although in many instances depression is psychogenic and pure emotional in nature but for a lot of men the reason is a nutritional. In winter, it is more frequent to suffer from blues one of the main reasons for this is the decline in Vitamin D status within the body as a result of less exposure to sunlight. If winter blues are severe enough to warrant medical diagnosis, it’s referred to by the term Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as SAD.

Vitamin D Supplementation usually the first line of treatment for those who suffer from SAD. Additionally, researchers at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran found that Vitamin D when combined with antidepressants was the most effective treatment for those suffering from major depression than taking medication on its own. In order to put the energy back to your step, boost your mood, and boost the quality of your sleep, Vitamin D may well be just what your doctor wanted.

Penis Health Cremes

Penis health cremes are healing products that are designed to help support the connections between connective tissue, the circulation, and effectiveness of your penis. It is not advised to apply the majority of synthetic chemicals that are found in soaps and creams for the penis as the skin cells are very sensitive. Male cremes that are specifically designed for men (most specialists suggest Man1Man Oil) contain ingredients, like Vitamin D and Vitamin D, in a base of shea butter for rapid absorption. These nutrients are then delivered directly into the tissues that require them, which helps to support the production of hormones as well as blood vessel health and nerve sensitivity. For those who want to boost their penis health in a healthy and natural method using penis health creams as the primary supply of Vitamin D will help to support the reproductive organs in an integrated way.


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