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How to Get Canada Work Permit Visa?

Canada is the top choice of immigrants after USA & UK & it is seen that people of all groups prefer moving to Canada because of an active lifestyle, better career & education options, and more. Most immigrants think of moving to Canada & work there, but they get confused regarding procedure & documentation; we are here to help you. 

What is Canada Work Permit Visa?

A Canadian work permit visa means that you can work in Canada for a specific period. If you need expert assistance, you can hire the best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada for the legal formalities. 

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for a Canada work permit? 

The work permit visa is ideally famous among temporary workers or international students who graduated from Canadian universities, older adults in business, etc. 

The primary eligibility criterion is that you have to prove that you’re eligible to work in Canada, and the documents must be submitted in English. 

Types of work permit & conditions 

The work permit visas are of two different types first is open-work & the second is employer-specific. 

An Open-work visa allows the immigrants to apply for any Canadian employer restricting the labor services & escort services. While the employer-specific key means you have to work for a single employer. Before getting the visa, there are terms & conditions of working, which range from place to place or individual to individual. 

Documentation & Eligibility

For most of us, the legal documentation procedure is hectic. If you are lost, you can always rely on Canada immigration Consultants in Delhi; no matter what you apply for either, you use for either type of visa; here is the list of papers plus the eligibility criteria. 

A legal passport with a validity of more than 6 months after the arrival date in Canada. 

Recent passport size photograph. 

Proof of Educational Certificates. 

Application Charges. 

Have working skills plus the required experience in the field. 

Proof of good health from the certified hospital. 

Proof of having financial abilities to take care of yourself during your stay in Canada. 

No criminal record & its proof must be submitted to the police, ensuring that you aren’t a threat to Canada’s security system. 

In case of inquiries, you should be eligible to submit the asked papers & documents on the spot. 

After reaching Canada, you mustn’t involve in the non-certified business from the Canadian government. For example, escort services, working for an extra penny in illegal strip clubs, and more. 

You must submit proof that after serving your period, you will move of the country. 

In the majority of the cases, the individuals who apply for work permit visas usually have a job offer from a Canadian employer.

If you plan to call a dependent on a work visa, you will be able to take care of that dependent financially.  


One of the main reasons for moving to Canada is to earn in dollars and later convert it into permanent resident (PR) by grabbing the opportunity. The work permit seems easy to access, but it’s not if you lack skills, techniques of work.

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