Monday, March 27th, 2023

How to Create a Successful Gift Voucher Campaign

A gift card is a great idea for people who don’t know what to pick for their family, friends, or loved ones. In the hospitality industry, hotel gift cards are a great for people who travel a lot or just need a vacation. It could either be a discount or a room, the best hotel pool towel from DZEE supply that a hotel sells; or an added facility that the hotel has to offer. If your hotel has a gift voucher, they need to understanding how to create a successful gift voucher campaign. The right gift card advertising ideas will help you increase gift card sales which will add to the earned hotel revenue. We are sharing some gift card marketing ideas that will help you in creating a successful gift voucher campaign for your hotel.

1.     Maximize Your Gift Card Visibility

One thing you need to keep in mind while working on your gift card advertising ideas is that you need to make sure, your gift card is visible everywhere. This means whether its inside your hotel, on your website, and everywhere else you can think, advertise it. An aggressive campaign is essential in ensuring that no one is able to escape knowing about your gift card. Consistent marketing also creates a hotel brand recall value.

2.     Offer Popular Products

In-demand products and facilities are always on the list for many people. When offering a gift voucher for your hotel, you need to offer these facilities for guests to choose from. Since, they are already on list for guests, they will definitely opt for getting those as a gift voucher for their loved ones. If you don’t have things that interest guests, they will not opt for your card. Gift voucher campaigns are all about attracting guests and to attract them you need to give them exactly what they want.

3.     Socially Active Gift Card Marketing Ideas

Social media campaigns are global, you don’t only get to advertise and create gift voucher awareness in your locality; but also get to attract guests from around the world. Hence, you need a strong social presence with smart marketing that reaches out to millions. Social media is one of the most popular platforms that everyone is using for one thing or the other. When you have the right plan of action, you ensure the best results for your gift vouchers.  

4.     Brand Your Gift Voucher

When making a plan of how to create a successful gift voucher campaign, you need to brand your gift voucher. Instead of it just being another resource to generate revenue, you need to create a complete market for it. Hotel brand awareness and your gift voucher are inter-related, you need to be smart about how you connect both to reach a larger audience. Gift vouchers for many brands in numerous industries have proven to be profitable. You need to have the same approach for your hotel.

5.     Specialized Gift Card Advertising Ideas

Your gift card marketing ideas should always incorporate special days and events. This means you need to target local and global celebrations. Along with this, you should also celebrate special days for the hotel such as when it came to existence. You can offer your guests special discounts and encourage them to purchase the gift cards. One way you can advertise your gift vouchers is by encouraging them to buy these vouchers to make an already special day even more special.





How to create a successful gift voucher campaign depends on your gift card advertising ideas. What are some of the best gift card marketing ideas according to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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