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How Much Moving and Storage in Boston Cost

When you hire moving and storage in Boston they charge according to the size of the moving and according to the days of storage. Many companies that provide moving and storage in Boston are good at picking the stuff, or you can say that they are specialized in packing.

They pack things very carefully so that nothing will damage while moving


Here is a brief explanation to the statement written above.



When you hire Moving and Storage Companies to pack your stuff, they don’t jump to packing on a moving day. The first visit you or ask you about the size of the packing, how much variety of things you own, is there are any breakables that you own so that they came up with the extra protection bags. What type of furniture do you have, flat pack or standard which is factory assembles? These are the things they need to know before the packing day because if they don’t know anything, there will be a good chance of any misconduct while packing.

Moving bins 

These companies have moving bins which are specially designed for the glassware and for the kitchen utensils and crockery. Inside these bins, there are partitions and those partition are wrapped with the safety sheets to protect the plates, cups and other kitchen things.


Moving boxes

Moving and Storage Companies provide you their moving boxes in which they place all the things according to the categories. The mover will pack all the books for one box, all the clothes for another box, all the other stuff according to their category.



They tape the boxes differently so that it will be easier for them to place the boxes carefully at the time of loading. For example boxes with books and clothes they place blue tape on them. Boxes with the breakable thing they place red tape on them. And boxes with other materials according to the level of breakage they put tape according to that that how it will be easy for their team to load all the boxes carefully and without any damage.

These are the things in which moving and storage in Boston are best. Now let’s discuss the pricing and cost.



  Studio apartment

2 professional’s movers

1 clean moving truck

$99 per hour


  1-3 bedroom apartment

3 professional movers

1 clean moving truck

$139 per hour


  Large 2 bedroom apartment

4 professional movers

1 clean moving truck

$179 per hour


  4 bedroom home moving

4 professional movers

1 clean moving truck

$179 per hour



According to the size of your moving if you need an additional mover, it will cost you $35 per mover.

For long-distance

Boston, MA – New York, NY moving it will cost $950 per hour

Boston – Washington, DC Movers it will cost $1300 per hour

East Coast Boston Movers offer both packing and storage services, and when moving the contents of your house, it is a good idea to get some help with the packing. Having your house packed up by experts is often the best option for busy working people; otherwise, packing after work can take about one week for every room. Including wrapping delicate items and labeling every box. You may be deciding to put some items into storage so that your new home won’t be cluttered and Boston Movers can also help you with a handy storage unit, while you take your time to decide if you want to keep your excess furniture or not.

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