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How Many Men Suffer From This Frustrating Problem?

Premature Ejaculation: How Many Men Suffer From This Frustrating Problem?

While the adult film industry would like to convince people that real men can go for hours on sexual relations without having to ejaculate, the reality is that these men are certainly exceptions, not the norm. (And obviously, the moment a man is in fact having sex it isn’t always a possibility delaying for even a short for a while so that the urge to ejaculate diminish.) However, many men view it as a sign of pride when they “last all night” when they’re in bed and as a result, they often feel embarrassed when they “shoot fast,” which is experiencing premature ejaculation. Even those who have excellent penis maintenance could face issues with premature ejaculation, and this is a cause of concern for a lot of.

How common?

However, how prevalent can premature ejaculation be? There are a lot of studies conducted on the topic. It is not surprising that the results differ.

For instance, a 2006 study found that around the world 30% of men suffer premature ejaculation. But a study from the year before reported as high as 21 percent. A study in 2015 that examined exclusively Italian men revealed a rate of 18.5 percent.


There is a clear doubt about the number of men who are affected by premature ejaculation. This issue is exacerbated due to the fact that people’s opinions differ on what constitutes a premature ejaculation. The majority of people believe that it is that they are ejaculating too early. However, what is considered to be too early for one individual (or woman) could be different from what is considered to be too early for an individual man (or woman).

In recent times there has been a number of attempts to find a “universal” term for premature ejaculation. This effort is in the process of being completed as more researchers and doctors are definitions of premature ejaculation being the tendency to usually ejaculate within one minute of being ejaculated.

Other factors can create problems for studies However, there are other factors that can cause problems with studies. One of the most significant is the fact that the majority of studies are dependent on the self-reported data of participants. Also, it’s highly likely that scientists will conduct a study in where a man is being observed having intercourse, in order to independently determine the amount of time between the first time he enters and the ejaculation. Instead, research relies on the men who report whether they have premature ejaculation. Many studies do not provide the definition based on time, therefore, a person who believes that he has ejaculated for five minutes could consider himself to be premature. Even if definitions based on time are offered, a person could not evaluate his performance and could underestimate or overestimate the length of time he usually “holds in” before beginning to ejaculate. Cenforce D is used for PE treatment.


It’s also a matter of frequency. One should fairly clearly declare himself to be a premature ejaculator when he does it in a single minute or less most of the time. But what happens if it’s 34 all the time? or half the time?

It’s also not uncommon for a young or novice male to ejaculate quickly after having sexual sex. It’s rare to find a man who, in his first experience on the field, doesn’t get ejaculated immediately after sex. Through experience comes expertise as well as the capacity to delay the ejaculation process. Some men, in particular people who are self-conscious, might be able to define themselves as premature ejaculators due to their initial experiences, even having discovered how to delay ejaculation to a reasonable extent.

The scientific community is trying to come up with the right definition to measure more precisely this problem. At this point, it’s ideal to believe that between 20 and 25% of males have some sort of premature ejaculation. However, this percentage could shift as more data is discovered.

The health of the penis is not associated with premature ejaculation. However, those who take good care of their penis hygiene are more comfortable with the appearance of their penis when they present it to a potential partner. The men should make sure to use the best penis health cream (health experts suggest Man 1 Man Oil, which has been proven clinically to be gentle and safe for the skin) that is formulated with L-arginine, an amino acid. This ingredient creates situations that make penile blood vessels more easily accessible to increase blood flow. The cream should also contain vitamin A, which has antibacterial properties that help to fight penis odor that is unpleasant and offensive.

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