Friday, May 27th, 2022

How is social media influencing our lives?

Social media affects your life more than you can think. Many people use at least one major social media platform but do not understand how impactful the use of social media can be. Different social media affect the lives of the person in different ways. The more the person is into social media the more deeply the life of the person is affected.


It’s always entertaining to go through memes, photos, videos, and various other aspects from the people you’ve met throughout your life. It is one of the most important aspects of one’s life as it affects both positively and negatively depending on the usage. Social media changes the way one thinks and acts. Social media makes both direct and in-direct impacts differently on distinct individuals. Also, 10 negative effects of social media affect the life of the person deeply in a negative way. 

The direct impact of Social media

As discussed, social media affects the life of a person in some or another way. Some of the direct impacts of social media are:


Job Prospects


Many people lost job opportunities, social media helps a lot in getting to the job opportunities, meeting different kinds of employers. Not only this meeting new people encourages new methods to get the best. 


New relationships


When you meet new people on social media, sometimes you get your close friends from these social media platforms. Yes, of course, it is difficult to trust people online but once you build trust you get the best friends, life partners, and many other people who possess different relationships with you. You get to know a person better through social media because of everyday talks and stuff like that. 


Mental and Emotional health is influenced


Various factors influence your day-to-day life emotionally and mentally as of the usage of social media handles. There are various factors in terms of social media that affect the mental and emotional health of the person. As it is said that social media creates a great sense of FOMO that is Fear of missing out. This is the way that the person usually feels missing out when they are not posting anything on social media or are not able to cope with the things like other people are doing. So it is really important to work through things in a better way so that the mental piece of the people is not affected. 


Abuse and Harassment


There are various ways that a person gets harassed and abused by other individuals on social media which is also termed cyberbullying. This is a punishable offense a person can do. There are various ways by which these can be stopped or reported, but once things happen with the other person, it breaks the person mentally and emotionally as well as the person is not able to cope with the things socially. 

Anxiety and loneliness


As people have various aspects to perform in their day-to-day life. It becomes hard for the person to do things in a better way when the person is not feeling mentally and emotionally well then the person takes up a lot of stress. This way the person comes into the phase of anxiety and loneliness. 


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