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How DPF Cleaning works and why it is important?

The major concern is scheduling its cleaning and maintenance when it comes to DPFs or Diesel Particulate Filters. A DPF emits the black soot taken from the exhaust, which helps in reducing emissions from diesel-powered vehicles. A timely cleaning is important to keep the DPFs working. Several factors can contribute to the need for cleaning DPF. So let’s look at the correct time when you need to clean DPF and the right procedure to do the same. 

How DPF works?

Before getting it straight to the procedure of DPF cleaning service wakefield, you need to know how the DPFs work. The exhaust gases pass through the particulate filters, and it traps the solid particles on the spongy structure of the ceramic wall. The black soot inside the DPF needs to be cleaned regularly for better functioning filters. You may have seen diesel vehicles emitting black smoke. These vehicles must have been manufactured before 2008, when there was no DPF installation. DPFs help emits harmful gases, including Hydrocarbons, Particulate Matter, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitrogen oxide.  

How often do you need to clean DPF?

As previously stated, there are various factors you need to keep in mind for DPF cleaning. The factors include the hours when the motor has been running, the condition of the motor, mileage, quality of the fuel, and amount of diesel burnt. Therefore, if you ask how often a DPF needs cleaning, it will differ for each vehicle. 

You need to understand that DPF cleaning is not the same as the passive or active filter regen of a vehicle. Proper regen is important, but it never removes ash. When the Regen button is activated, it dissolves the soot, and the ash accumulates inside the filter. The engine’s effectiveness reduces if you continue this in the long run. To get into the proper procedure of cleaning DPF, all you need is to remove the same from the vehicle and go for full filter cleaning.

Benefits of DPF Cleaning

  • Timely cleaning of DPF results in fuel economy and keeps your engine in better health for longer. 
  • Since the DPF gets clogged up, you may find the engine sounds drastic at a higher pace by the time of cleaning. Keeping the DPF in proper condition will help burn particulates and hydrocarbons.
  • Proper maintenance of DPF will save your hard-earned money replacing all expensive filters.

The vehicles that run daily are more in need of DPF cleaning. So, if you are in the city and looking for DPF cleaning in Wakefield, you can turn to Decoke for the best services at the most affordable budget. In terms of the best quality service, experienced professionals and responsive customer care service, you can rely on them.

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