Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

How does one Select the Right car Mechanic Shop?

As a patient, you always need to very clear while describing your symptoms to the doctor so that the recourse that will be suggested is able to cure you of your illness. In the same way, your car mechanic at the car workshop also needs to know the exact problem that you might be facing while driving your car, so as to make the right decision regarding the repair work that might be required towards your car before going ahead and opening up your car for the work. No one knows your car better than what you do and hence it is very important that you describe the problem as specifically as you can.

For example, if your brake pads need to be replaced, there will be some squeaky sounds coming when you are driving your car around and these sounds will only be heard when you hit the brakes. If you’re able to provide this information clearly to your car mechanic , your car mechanic Shop will be able to identify the problem instantly and get it resolved.

Sometimes you can actually see symptoms of your car problems. If you see smoke coming from your silencer, for instance, instantly bring this to your mechanic. Tell your mechanic what colour the smoke was and how much smoke you observed. Certain car problems can cause strange odours. If you smell something unusual in your car and it is not a regular smell in your car, this is something you definitely need to mention to your mechanic. Some of the most common smells related to car problems include: burnt rubber smell, fuel smell, foul smell from AC etc.

Most car mechanics will take a test drive to understand if there is any issue in your car that they can observe. But if you already point out the issues that you have been facing while driving, they are in a better place to understand them clearly and they will be more focused to find out the original issue that has been haunting the car. 

There is one golden rule you should always follow when communicating with your mechanic about your car problems: the more information you can provide, the better. You should never feel as if you are going into too much detail or providing your mechanic with unnecessary information. Tell your mechanic everything you know regardless of how minor the details may seem. Even if a detail seems insignificant, it may be the exact piece of information your mechanic needs to get to the bottom of the issue.

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