Thursday, March 30th, 2023

How Do You Find The Best Fiction Editor?

The Fiction Editor you should hire is a developmental editor, often known as a content editor if you are well-versed in the field. Your question is, how do you find the perfect person for the job? This post is for you if you’ve reached that point.

  • Make it clear what you’re looking for:

First and foremost, you must ascertain the genre of your book, the perfect reader, and even your marketing goals. To make it clear to your editor exactly what you anticipate from the document edit; be specific when communicating your expectations to them.

  • Choose the type of editing you require:

In addition, you must specify how much time you intend to allot to the editor to avoid misunderstandings. Before you hire someone, it’s a good idea to be aware of this. Make sure you understand the difference between a copy and developmental edits. A developmental editor will provide feedback and recommend revisions. So, you should expect some writing work after receiving a corrected edit.

  • Locating editors:

Include all of this information in your ad, including your manuscript’s size, deadline, the type of book you’re writing, the ideal reader for the book, and any concerns or critical goals you have for this person joining your team. You can search for fiction book editors online if you’re seeking an editor specializing in fiction.

  • Expectations:

Regarding editing, you get what you pay for if you hire skilled specialists and don’t save on the costs. Even if you can’t afford the best, tradeoffs will be made along the way. You will also need a Technical Editor.

Just be prepared to wait a month or more for many good editors who get hired through these sites since they have numerous projects in progress and can afford to take their time. Now that you’ve placed your advertising and received some responses, it’s time to focus your search. As a developmental editor, this can be tough.

Your paper has been edited, and now what?

Even if they don’t use the Microsoft Word’s track-changes feature, most editors will be familiar with tools like comments, strikethroughs, and text replacements. You might think there should be a lot more, but there are only two types of changes in the larger scheme of things. This takes a lot of control away from you in making decisions. You need Proofreading Services at the end of the editing.

Just because a modification has been made directly to your text doesn’t imply it has to be made essential. That needs to be stressed. Even if a change is made directly to your text, you have the right and authority to reject it if you don’t like it.

A statement in the margin is typically made anytime your editor makes any deletion, whether it’s just a single sentence or even if it’s a large-scale deletion, to explain why it was deleted.


Get to know what you want, how your genre works, and what the editor should produce on their end before you begin working with thme.

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