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Hire Advocate and Lawyer in Lahore For Solve The Lawsuit

Advocate and Lawyer in Lahore:

If you are looking for an Advocate in Pakistan or a lawyer in Lahore for your financial issues you may contact Jamila Law Associates. Our Lawyers in Lahore & Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan will guide you that how to win your case in court. Because we have expert panel of lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. If a customer does stop a cheque, it does not absolve him from liability for paying the money to the payee (1.e. the person who was supposed to receive payment through an Advocate in Pakistan or a lawyer in Lahore.

Customer Acted:

If the cheque was part of a contract to spend the money, the Customer acted in breach of contract by stopping the cheque. He will thus be liable in damages and must pay the sum due to the payee (e.g., if a person pays a deposit for a new car by cheque. he cannot back out of the transaction by simply stopping his cheque. he will still owe the money due under the cheque and he will still be committed to buying the car).

criminal offense:

In addition, if he had no intention of meeting the cheque when he wrote it out, he may also be liable for the criminal offense of fraud which may be contested by an Advocate in Pakistan or a lawyer in Lahore. When the Customer dies, the bank will stop all a customer’s cheques when notified of his death (unless it is a joint account). Similarly, it will contain all cheques if the bank learns that he is an undischarged bankrupt or has committed an act of bankruptcy. That is the Customer’s instructions and, if the bank acts otherwise, it does so at its own risk. Thus, if a cheque is written on 1 January but dated 30 January, it should not be paid until then. But suppose the Customer instructs the bank to stop the cheque before 30 January to find that the bank has already mistakenly paid out the money.

Advocate in Lahore:

The question for an Advocate in Pakistan or a lawyer in Lahore then arises of who bears the loss. The answer is simple: the bank has failed to obey its Customer’s instructions, so it takes the loss. The bank must credit the Customer’s account with any money wrongly paid out. When a cheque bounces, a bank must honor its Customer’s cheques but only if there are sufficient funds in his account.

What is £399:

So if a customer has £399 in his performance and writes out a cheque for £400, the bank can refuse to meet the cheque; it does not have to pay £399 and leave the £l unpaid. Instead, it will send the unpaid cheque to the payee with a note stating R/D’ – refer to the drawer. Similarly: The National Westminster did not pay a customer’s mortgage standing order because she had insufficient money in her account. Later (after the building society had repossessed her house), she sued the bank through an Advocate in Pakistan or a lawyer in Lahore, arguing that they should have paid the standing orders as soon as it had paid sufficient money into the account.

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