Monday, May 23rd, 2022

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If you’re looking for love on Valentine’s Day, don’t sleep on Al Capone’s suburban stomping grounds, according to a “new report” that popped in my email inbox.

Cicero “is getting national attention after being named one of the best [suburbs] in the U.S. for singles,” a public relations spokeswoman said in a spammy note.


The report analyzed U.S. Census Bureau data to determine which major suburbs across the country had the highest percentage of single residents.

Cicero clocked in at No. 6 on the list, with 57.2 percent of single, divorced or widowed people between 18 and 65. Cicero also ranked No. 4 for the highest percentage of single men.

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When I think of Cicero, a lot of things come to mind. Ernest Hemingway was born there. Al Capone set up the Chicago mob’s headquarters in Cicero. Since then, there has been a string of corrupt cops and politicians who have been fodder for disturbing tales of how public officials have conducted themselves.

An indelible detail in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against town President Larry Dominick, lingers, so to speak.

Dominick was accused in court papers of passing gas and groping the town’s former director of animal welfare, among other disgusting things, while sitting next to her in a car.

Cicero officials eventually settled the lawsuit for $500,000 after Dominck’s accuser dropped the sexual harassment claim.

Still, if anyone asks me about Cicero, I always joke that corruption there is so bad it smells like a fart in a car.

No offense to the folks at pushing the new report, but I had trouble believing the validity of any data crunching that resulted in Cicero ranking in the top 10 suburbs for singles, as if all singles are looking for love.,62016,62027,62028,62031,62029,62032,62033,62034,62035,62036,62038,62039,62040,62041,62042,62043,62044,62045,62046,62047,62048,62049,62050

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