Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Grow Your Online Business With Zaakpay Payment Gateway

Zaakpay is one of the most popular online payment gateway in India. It provides a platform, such as a merchant account, that allows you to integrate an online payment gateway in your online business according to your company’s needs. It also allows you to automate bulk payment collection and receive express payments through 100+ payment methods.

Zaakpay is a digital payment platform that is paving the way for complete transaction digitization. MobiKwik company’s Zaakpay provides fast, reliable and secure payment options to customers, entrepreneurs, enterprises and startups. Your business can accept payments through various channels like Debit or Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI, Digital Wallet etc.


Efficient Payment Gateway for Startups

Startups need a smooth payment gateway so that their interaction with consumers is hassle-free. This payment gateway provides various payment options to the customers through different payment methods. It guarantees higher transaction success rates.

Due to the limited resources available to startups in the early stages, they require a payment gateway that is both easy to set up and cost-effective. Zaakpay makes it easy for new businesses to automate by providing modern payment solutions at affordable prices. 

Startups can also benefit from Zakpay’s core expertise and mentorship sessions, as well as expanded reach through the company’s website and social media channels. Core capabilities are the most important strategic advantage a company can have over its market competitors.

India’s leading eCommerce Payment Gateway

Zaakpay provides consumers with easy cashless payment solutions for eCommerce enterprises. It delivers a safe and dependable payment gateway  with quick onboarding and installation, whether the business deals with online shopping, movie tickets, aircraft ticket booking, or financial services such as personal loans or retail loans.

Due to different payment gateways alternatives, it streamlines and optimizes the checkout process for customers making a purchase. Customers will definitely appreciate the convenience, and the cart abandonment will be reduced.

The payment gateway is ultra-secure and has the most up-to-date security and encryption procedures. From the dashboard, the merchants can manage their payments, refunds, invoicing, and payment reminders.

sales data from the previous week or month, as well as customer behavior insights can be abstract. By tracking and exchanging payment invoices on a single platform, merchants can better organize their eCommerce cash flow. Uber, IRCTC, Bajaj Finserv, Indiamart, and Jockey are just a few of the well-known brands that use Zaakpay for their transactions. 

Zaakpay Payment for Your Business

Businesses can use Zakpay’s payment to accept payments from anywhere, removing the need for them to have a website or app. They can also deposit money with a single tap. From a single place on the dashboard, merchants can create bulk payment links using a user-friendly API. 

The links can then be sent to the customers by SMS, email or even through a chat application. Not only can they take instant payments, but they can also track the payment status in real time. Payment Links from Zaakpay facilitates online payments for a variety of B2C, B2B and D2C enterprises in various domains. 

Businesses can also use the Zaakpay payment connection to set up recurring invoicing or pay for multiple orders at once. They can use QR codes or links to allow customers to pay directly on their website.

How does Zaakpay benefit you?

Rising fast on the ladder of success, Zaakpay provides you with an efficient integrated payment gateway. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose this digital payment gateway for digital payments:

  • Fast business checkouts
  • Fast integration with website and mobile app
  • Matches your brand user interface with a customized checkout page
  • Low drop-offs
  • Encrypted payment details
  • Account management support
  • Express payment and refunds
  • No setup and maintenance fees

Get started with Zaakpay Payment Gateways 

Zaakpay can help your firm achieve entrepreneurial success by providing a variety of perks and being easy to set up. It helps in enhancing the growth of your business with a high transaction success rate with the aim of ease and comfort of financial transactions for all. It is a one-time payment solution for all types of businesses as there is no setup or maintenance expense. With Zaakpay, you can start your digital payments journey right away!


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