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Grieving a Pet

The death of your best friend can be a severe blow. We tell you about grieving a pet or grieving a dog and what to do once your pet has left.

What is grieving a pet? 

Is it about grieving a dog? What is an animal psychic? Is grieving related to a dog psychic? We know that your puppy is as important as any other family member. In addition to giving you the best recommendations to pamper him in life, we want you to be prepared to do it the way he deserves when the time comes to say goodbye to him.

Grieving a pet: 7 Books to deal with the death of a pet

Many families have pets, and they are like one more member since they not only keep you company but are capable of giving you their unconditional love and making you smile in the worst of times. Sometimes we think they will stay with us forever, but it is not like that. As with the death of a loved one, the loss of a pet can be excruciating and sometimes challenging to explain to children. For this reason, we recommend these books to overcome the death of a pet.

Goodbye Toby

It offers comfort and advice on grieving a pet. The author deals with all the owners’ questions after the loss, from telling the children what to do with the remains or how to pay tribute, among other aspects related to this topic. 

Absent friend: How to overcome the loss of your pet

One of the books on overcoming the death of a pet will help those who are suffering. A guide that teaches you to understand the process you have to go through after death and with little tips to face the passage of time without your animal companion. In addition, it proposes different alternatives to overcome phases that the person will go through and exposes the appropriate way to explain this situation to children. All accompanied by practical activities and photographs. Great help for those who feel disoriented and do not know what to do at that time. 

The Life You Gave Me Books To Overcome The Death Of A Pet

The author tells us the moving story of his relationship with his dog named Lucas. He describes how he adopted him, the happy times he spent with him, the problems they had to face, and how he lived through the loss of him. One of the books on grieving a dog is to overcome the death of a pet that will help the reader in those hard times and explain how to honor your pet’s memory.

I do not forget you. 

An illustrated issue expresses the joy of having animals at home and the impact that their loss has on families, especially children. A story with simple language that helps children understand that the life cycle of pets is the same as that of people. 

I will always love you.

A book that tells the story of the friendship of a boy, Elfi, and his dog. They have had great company since they grew up together, but he grows faster than his owner, and after many years the boy has to say goodbye to his faithful friend. A story for children shows the importance of expressing feelings and how good memories can help us in those moments. 

See You In Heaven: Demonstrations after the lives of our pets. 

It offers information on the process that humans must go through after the departure of their pet and the strong bond they establish with them. 

Wait for me at the rainbow: How to deal with the loss of your pet

A book for all those who feel misunderstood after losing their pet. It explains how to return to the routine after losing your pet, help your children overcome their absence, or support someone close to you who is going through a situation. With simple text and anecdotes, the author offers this practical guide to give guidelines on managing the phases of grief and getting the best out of each one of them and the importance of empathy to help others. 

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