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Female Advocate in Lahore Pakistan for Civil and Criminal Cases

Female Advocate in Lahore Pakistan for Civil and Criminal Cases:

If you are looking for a female advocate in Lahore Pakistan from law firms in Lahore for civil and criminal cases then Jamila Law Associates is the best place. Our Top advocates in Pakistan & Top Advocates in Lahore is here for deal the issue of criminal issue. Completely separate from the civil law (above) is criminal law. If a picket commits a criminal offense, the police can prosecute him irrespective of whether he is protected by section 15 of the 1974 Act from civil action by any female advocate in Lahore Pakistan from law firms in Lahore.

Section 15 Act:

Thus, a picket can be covered by section 15 and yet act illegally. As the Code of Practice says, if a picket commits a criminal offense, he is just as liable to prosecution as any other public member who breaks the law. The immunity provided by the civil law does not protect him in any way. In practice, the risk of prosecution for obstruction of the highway and Breach of the peace is the real threat to industrial picketing.

Police’s Decision on Whether:

Generally, the right to picket depends upon the discretion and tolerance of the policemen present. The crucial element is the police’s decision on whether or not to allow the pickets to remain or to prosecute through a female advocate in Lahore Pakistan from law firms in Lahore. However, the police are usually prepared to turn a blind eye to the law’s technical infringements. However, the picket cannot ensure his picketing will not lead to a criminal charge; however, he may carry out his picketing fully. The two criminal charges most likely to be brought against a picket obstruct the highway and breach the peace.

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The crime does not apply to every obstruction of the highway but only to an unreasonable block of the road requiring a female advocate in Lahore Pakistan from law firms in Lahore. Lord Parker has said: “It depends on the circumstances, including the length of time the block continues, the place where it occurs, and the purpose for which it is done, and, of course, whether it does intact cause an actual, as opposed to potential, obstruction. So it is a question of fact. But the courts are usually willing to accept the evidence of the police as to whether there was an obstruction of the highway. 

Arrested for Obstructing:

Some forty pickets were circling the outside of a factory. A police officer considered obstructing the street and asked them to stop, saying he would only allow two or three people to picket. The leader of the pickets, Mr. Tina, refused to obey this instruction and was arrested for obstructing the highway. He was found guilty when prosecuted by a female advocate in Lahore Pakistan from law firms in Lahore. It held that section 15 did not protect Tina because the pickets were there not merely for the purposes allowed by the section but also to block off part of the highway.



Tina (1967) In that case, the pickets were moving; they were circling the factory. They did this because they thought it would reduce their chances of being accused of obstructing the highway. They argued that they used the road for a legitimate purpose since they were on the move and could not be guilty of obstruction. The decision in the case through a female advocate in Lahore Pakistan from law firms in Lahore shows that their supposition was wrong. Our Lawyer in Lahore is Here for all kind of lawsuit.

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