Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Essential Tips For Raccoon Removal

Different Ways For Raccoon Removal

Raccoon is a curious and intelligent creature, sometimes they are too curious and smart because they are often considered a threat to the community. As anyone who has ever had garbage they scattered throughout the page they can tell you, raccoons will not stop to get the next meal. The problem with raccoon is that they are great in learning how to solve problems and once they learn how to solve it, it is impossible for them to forget it. What does this mean for you? If the raccoon solves the puzzle opening of your trash or how to go through your pet door, it can cause chaos to your patience. However, there are five guaranteed ways for raccoon removal.

It’s all about food

Raccoon is mostly motivated by food, find it and eat it. Therefore, if you take their food source, they will leave. There are several ways you can do this. Keep your trash can in your garage or secured under the terrace where they can’t get it. Keep your pet food inside at any time because raccoons are familiar with this available food source. Take the fruit or vegetables that fall and rotten from your tree or garden.

Use dogs as a deterrent

Raccoon will only come to your house if they feel safe. One way you can do to ensure that they don’t come is to keep a big dog outside your home. A cat can do the trick (if it really means cats) but a dog is a safer bet because you don’t want your cat to contract Rabies fighting with raccoons.


There are two ways you can use the fence effectively. You can build a high privacy fence or install an electric fence. If you decide to go with a traditional fence, make sure it is buried at least one leg underground and raises a few feet on the ground. The fence cannot be a link chain or mesh because they will climb it. Electric fence is a better choice when it comes to raccoons especially for small areas around the pool or garden. It’s harmless, effective and relatively cheap.


Trapping raccoons is another option available to you, but it requires a lot of patience and may not work. Set a trap in the area that is often done by Rakco, but make sure you clean the trap thoroughly and set it up with latex gloves; If not, raccoons will smell your aroma and not close to the trap. Feed traps and disguise them under several branches and leaves. Move the raccoon once you have trapped it in a forested area that is at least 10 miles from you or your closest neighbors. As stated, raccoons are very smart and there is no guarantee that it will succeed.

Raccoon is an adorable animal when they are in the forest, but when they attack our property and refuse to leave, they turned away from cute to suck. Try some or all of these tips to make raccoons go, if everything fails to call the local animal control office or a professional pest removal agent.

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