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Custom Multiple Versions Packaging Boxes

Multiple Versions Boxes Gallery – Different Designs Of The Same Box Size

If you think about marketing your goods, custom box designs are likely to be on your thoughts. However, if you’re selling multiple products, custom packaging can be a challenge since you’ll require distinct design boxes for each item.

Most box manufacturers will mail you huge invoices for this.

At Your Boxes Solution you can show off your best items by printing several versions of your boxes. And you’ll still keep your budget safe.

What Does Multiple Versions Boxes Mean?

In order to help you promote your products with a budget-friendly price To help you brand your products within your budget, we offer discounted prices for printing multiple versions of the identical box size. If you have multiple products that will fit in that same box size You can print multiple boxes. This isn’t just cost-effective, but it also provides plenty of space to be imaginative in design and branding boxes style.

Multiple versions of boxes allow you to utilize the same cutting die to create different designs from the identical box. You can put individual information about the product on each box and you don’t have to need to purchase additional labelling to customize the box.

Where Can You Use Multiple Versions Boxes?

Printing the identical box size in various styles is helpful when you’re dealing with distinct scents for the same item. However, you can also use the same cutting die to the design boxes for different items within one brand. Here are the top industries that employ multiple versions of boxes:

Packaging for soap

Cosmetic packaging

Marijuana packaging

Skincare packaging

E liquid boxes

Vitamin packaging

Candle boxes

Chocolate packaging

One of the most appealing aspects about printing multiple versions of boxes is that:

You Get A Combined Bulk Rate Even If You Order Different Quantities

Let’s say that you have four different scents to choose from for the soap bar: cherries honey, lavender mint, and honey. You’ve noticed that some have higher sales than other scents. Lavender is a top seller while cherry has a higher sales rate than honey mint is a fresh scent that’s just beginning to catch up.

Most companies don’t offer the chance to purchase in various quantity. It’s much easier and more efficient to print a large number of box designs in one go.

We’re aware that some items sell better than other products. To assist you in this, we’ve designed a process for printing that’s extremely efficient even for smaller orders. This means you can buy more boxes which sell well in comparison to the slow-selling boxes with a volume rate.

You can also order 1500 soap boxes as well as 500 cherry soap boxes 500 soap boxes and 250 mint soap boxes. This is a total of 3000 boxes. In lieu of the normal price, we’ll calculate the cost per box by calculating the total quantity of boxes. The greater the number of boxes you buy more boxes, the lower price per box. When you combine four orders, you can get an impressive discount. If you order 3000 boxes you could save over $400. Here’s an illustration of discounted pricing for several versions of boxes.

Below, in the clip below, we discuss in detail how the various box versions function and the reasons we’re able offer discounts on bulk prices.


What Qualifies As Multiple Box Designs?

It’s really simple: as long you’re using the same box size and cutting die, you are able to print anything you want on the boxes. That means that you’re not restricted to printing, for instance the four distinct soap scents. You can design your box styles for any kind of product provided that your products fit within the box. For instance, the same box die that you use to make soap could also be used to create cosmetics, or for anything else you’re making for your brand.

Other Advantages With Multiple Boxes Design

The less storage.You need to purchase only the quantity you’ll need.

Cheap seasonal packaging. Holiday promotions can be run with minimal costs.

Test new products easily. The minimum purchase is 250 boxes to see what new product you’ve developed is popular without having to commit to the thousands boxes.

Differentiate your products from one brand. Make each product have its own style and look to increase your brand’s visibility and increase recognition.

Bulk rate discounts are available for any kind of box. Holster box, sleeve, straight tuck box, reverse tuck box, etc.

Discounts for bulk orders are available on any kind of paper and embellishments. We’ll consider multiple orders to be one, regardless of the choices of paperboard or other items*.

If you want to add additional options like foil stamping, emboss/ debossing / cutouts spot gloss as well as inside-printing, the minimum quantity of 500 items. However, you’ll still get the bulk discount rate.

Boxes Design Inspiration Our Gallery

We’ve collected the top from our collection of many boxes. Check out the gallery below and explore the possibilities you can come up with in your packaging. Printing different variations that use the same box allows you to create a cohesive brand image and convey a consistent message to your customers with the entire range of products.

Find the box designs you’d like to use for products. As you expand your business, we’ll help you maintain your costs in check.



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