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Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes Wholesale | Custom Printed Chinese Takeout Boxes

Gives Stylish Take Out of Food, Favors & Gifts

Marvelously designed custom Chinese takeout boxes are ideal packaging contrivance to handover food items & various favors, protect them, prevent spillage and make them easy to carry. Customizable inside out, these boxes can be personalized in required size, material, style and product-specific design to complement packed food and gift items.

With YBY Boxes, you are free to customize Chinese takeout boxes in your exact specifications fast & easy. Whether you need specific size, innovative shape, functional style, premium material or function-enhancing add-ons, with our bespoke customization services, you can get customized boxes in any way you require at market-competitive prices. On top of that, order in any quantity you need at wholesale prices with free shipping. Instant quote & fast turnarounds also guaranteed.

 Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes – Built For You, For Your Product Takeout

Custom Chinese takeout boxes are perfect packaging solution that helps to pack, present, takeout, & deliver range of food items from takeaway as well as offer favors and gifts. They are customizable to your exact specifications and can be made in required size, shape, style and material that meet your product packaging and takeaway needs. As a leading one-stop packaging solution and full customization services provider, YBY Boxes offers best possible and economical customization services for Chinese takeout boxes that help fulfill your product packing, safe storage, takeout and carrying needs. You are free to customize Chinese takeout boxes in a way that best fits your requirements with no limitation on order quantity.

And, if you in search of top-notch boxes, wholesale prices, fastest turnarounds, free shipping along with added extras of free design correction and free 360-degree digital samples, YBY Boxes is the right place to enjoy plenty of benefits when you order your required custom Chinese takeout boxes. Whether you want your food to be easy to carry during delivery or want buyers to take out gifts and favors conveniently, we have expertise and die-cutting equipment to create Chinese takeout boxes that are handy and comply with your product carrying requirements. Whether you are looking for food grade Chinese takeout packaging or going completely organic with Chinese takeout boxes, we can manufacture Chinese takeout boxes from premium yet food-grade cardboard or eco-friendly Kraft as per your requirements at competitive prices. We have skilled experts and in-house manufacturing facility that allow us to deal professionally with both of your short run as well as wholesale orders and help you at every step of ordering boxes with your required personalization.

From your very first request for quote to design assistance and free digital proofing, we assist you in every way to make your customized Chinese takeout boxes the perfect representation of your brand and its packed product. No matter if you need Chinese takeout boxes made from Kraft, cardboard, or rigid, we help you get your required boxes in any quantity, paper stock and material thickness you need. To help make your products appear astonishing in hands of customers, we offer full-color printing services that allow you to print any complex artwork to make your Chinese takeout boxes appear noteworthy. Order now and avail free shipping regardless of your order size.

Custom Chinese takeout Boxes — Handover Food & Favors Astonishingly

When handing over food items like soups, noodles, rice and pasta, special treats like chocolates, candies and cookies or gift items like jewelry, the appearance and deliciousness of product comes second. The first the thing that actually maters at time of takeout or favor giving is how you present and handover it to customers. Here comes the importance of first touch point, the packaging your product is packed in, that your customers experience even before they eat meal or cherish your gift. Fabulously designed and creatively printed custom Chinese takeout boxes are not just perfect to pack and handover soups, noodles, pasta, rice or various other food items during takeaway but also a great way to offer various favors and gift items with added grandeur.

Their distinctive appearance not just make the packed food look scrumptious but also give lusciousness to delicious cuisines that customers takeout from your food takeaway point. These boxes make the customers curious about delectable taste of inside food or favor item and generate craving to eat right away after takeout. Made in signature oyster-pail shape with catchy Pagoda themes, Chinese takeout boxes make your product feel special when buyers carry them down the street, in malls or out from events. Distinct to carry, these boxes are also great for handing out themed cookies, chocolates and candies to attendees of various events whilst captivating attention wherever customers carry them. Want to create such distinctive and delightful Chinese takeout boxes that are sure to tempt customers from takeout or even whilst carrying in malls or streets? You are free to create splendid custom Chinese takeout boxes with any kind of printing and design with help of our worthwhile printing services. Explore and choose your favorite design that you want us to print from our massive inspirational collection.

If you cannot find it in our library, you can personalize every inch of box as per your imaginative ideas. To reflect product inside and allure every customer throughout takeout, you are even free to share your product graphics, textural information like taglines or “Thank You” message, calligraphic patterns as well as catchy pagoda images that you want us to print to make your Custom packaging boxes Manufacturer luxury and elegant similar to Chinese culture. Whether you want single color box in white or going crazy with splashy artworks, if it can be printed, we will print your marvelous boxes that are as unique as your food or any other item inside, with no smudges or printing errors. No matter if you need signature oyster pail shape for Chinese takeout boxes or traditional trapezoid for distinctive appearance, whatever shape you require, we can make boxes in your specified shape to make them look distinctive from every other takeout container. You also get free design assistance and receive digital mockups, with no added costs, to look at design, printing and shape before giving go-ahead for mass printing.

With our massive box customization services, you are free to create durable, robust and takeout-ready custom Chinese takeout boxes in any way you like fast & easy. For protective delivery and safe food takeout, choose the material like cardboard or Kraft and we will utilize your selected food-grade material to manufacture your Chinese takeout boxes that are strong and sturdy. Need specifically made Chinese takeout boxes to deliver hot rice, eggs and soup or looking for food packaging for safe takeout of noodles and pasta? Whatever the purpose you need boxes for, you can choose any material thickness between 14pt-18pt and warmth-preserving add-ons like wax coating and inner lining. Just let us know your requirements and we will utilize innovative manufacturing techniques to make protective boxes exactly how you prescribed. To prevent collapse or avoid unnecessary leakage, you can get die cut protective styles like 1-2-3 bottom and four interlocking panels to make your boxes fit for storing various cuisines. Whatever box style you need, we manufacture your boxes as per your specifications with no structural or die cutting defects.

On top of that, our food grade stocks, chemical-free inks and food-friendly manufacturing processes ensure you get food-grade Chinese takeout boxes that keep food items safe from contaminants. Whether you need 25 boxes, or 25000, whatever quantity you need, our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to make boxes in exact quantity with no order restriction or added cost. Are you a business offering takeout food, a shop owner offering goods in distinctive way or an event organizer offering favors creatively? What better way to offer delicious cuisines like soups, rice, pasta or noodles, favors like chocolates and cookies or retail items like jewelry than in handy Chinese takeout boxes that are die cut specifically by YBY Boxes. These boxes offer great usability, high stackability and easy carrying option of food, favors and gift items. Die cut with convenient handles, these boxes facilitate customers in convenient carry of items out from premises. Made with convenient opening flaps, Chinese takeout boxes double as a plate to serve and eat food quickly. Added with ribbon handles, Chinese takeout boxes are best to creatively handout gifts or favors to recipients.

Personalizing Chinese Takeout Boxes to Your Exact Purpose is Fast & Easy With YBY Boxes

Chinese takeout boxes are a timeless solution not just to pack and takeout food but, also great for packing and presenting favors and gift items. Due to the wide usage of Chinese takeout boxes for various purposes, YBY Boxes give you freedom to customize Chinese takeout boxes as per your specifications and product packaging needs. Whatever design elements, shape, style, material or add-ons you require for custom Chinese takeout boxes, our comprehensive full-color printing and innovative die cutting services enables us to help you in any way and let you be as creative as you require for your bespoke Chinese takeout boxes. Want traditional rectangular shape for decent looks or looking for innovative oyster pail shape for catchy appearance of products? You are free to select whatever shape you require and we will create it in your exact specifications. Our innovative packaging services ensure the exact shape is created for your boxes with no structural defects. Want 1-2-3 style that perfectly holds all sorts of food items or in search of four inter locking panels on top to avoid spoilage of meal? Whatever style you require, we can die cut it in your exact specifications and make boxes that are exactly how you like with no die plate charges.

Whatever you need, getting Chinese takeout boxes customized in your desired shape, style, material, embellishments and add-ons are just a few clicks away. Take control of the entire design process with our online design experts and customize boxes as per your thoughts or the purpose you need them. There is no limitation on what level of creativity you can obtain with your boxes. It all comes down to your inspirational ideas and your level of imaginations. All you have to do is walk us through your ideas, and we will make them happen. We can make any type of box complying with your specifications. It’s that easy to have personalized Chinese takeout boxes. If you are eager to see what your creation looks like? View it in a 360-degree 3D preview anytime you feel the need. You can start by ordering a few boxes, we will even share tactics to save more and show what you will pay for your every box order. No setup charges, no expensive die fee, free design assistance and free shipping are few perks that will help you save more and pay less for your boxes. With fastest turnaround of 10-15 business days shipping, you get a deadline that you can count on and we strive to meet that delivery timeline.

Handover Products. Give Takeout. Deliver Them.

Wondering how to make your variety of food, favor & gift items to entice customers? Either your intent is to grab the attention at time of takeaway or tempt your customers with favor handover, perfectly crafted Chinese takeout boxes addressing your purpose can elegantly pack mouth-watering meals and amplify appearance of your favor or gift items.

Create Chinese takeout Box How You Like!

Whether you need a takeaway box, beautiful takeout favor box or a marvelous takeout gift box, with right set of skills, diversified range of die-cutting services and outstanding customization options, we give you freedom to customize Chinese takeout boxes of any kind in your required size, shape, style and material.

Trust Us – You Will Enjoy Unforgettable Buying Experience

Be assured, all these type of boxes are manufactured considering your prescribed needs and satisfying your quality expectations every-time you order with us.

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